Nothing is More Powerful Than a Made up Mind


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What Kind of Hero are You?

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“As we go from a look into the rock star world, let’s move into our real world. What does it mean to be a hero?” – Patricia Fripp, Keynote Speaker and Executive Speech Coach

I was first diagnosed with Stage I knee cancer called Osteosarcoma at 14 years old from 1999-2000, and while doing my chemotherapy treatment, I had to get a knee replacement to save my right leg. While doing chemotherapy treatment, I came across Hip-Hop artist Nas and his Stillmatic album. 

I knew who Nas was, but at the time I wasn’t a fan because I wasn’t familiar with his previous albums. I was battling a life-threatening disease during the same time Stillmatic was released, and I resonated with his lyrics about his personal life, the conscious and political content about the world we live in, bridging the gap between African and African American history, and how important it is to never give up. 

While I was diagnosed with cancer, it brought a lot of stress because I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I also experienced a wide range of emotions from anger, fear, sadness, and guilt. 

Nas’ Stillmatic helped me uplift my mind, body, and soul. When I first heard the first track off the album, “Stillmatic (The Intro),” it helped me believe I could defeat cancer. The song helped change my state of mind of feeling sorry myself, guilty, and to make the best of my situation.

Listening to music while going through chemotherapy treatment allowed me to keep my mind off the discomfort that was caused by the treatment. For instance, the music helped me cope with the stress, fear, and the loneliness I was feeling. 

While listening to the music, it was easy for me to be taken away from the serious reality I was forced to go through at the time. For example, Nas’ Stillmatic album helped ease the tension while I was undergoing chemotherapy, and it helped me with my overall stress throughout the day. 

When I was 17 years old, the same cancer came back in my right knee at Stage IV. I had to undergo chemotherapy all over again, and I had to get my right leg amputated in 2003. Now I am a hip amputee and could only walk with a prosthetic leg. 

In 2008, I was 23 years old and have been a hip amputee for five years. During the 2008-2009 school year, I got accepted to attend California State University, Long Beach to finish my undergraduate studies.

Before transitioning to the university, I came across the Hip-Hop group, The Pharcyde. They are an alternative Hip-Hop group from Los Angeles, CA consisting of four members: Imani, Bootie Brown, FatLip and Simkid Tre. I came across their song, “Runnin’,” which is about dealing with peer pressure, bullying, and to not run away from problems. 

When I became a hip amputee, I felt different and alone because there was nobody I could relate to. To my knowledge, none members of The Pharcyde has ever had cancer or became a hip amputee, but their lyrics throughout their Labcabincalifornia album showed me how to be authentic, and to not be ashamed about what I was forced to become: a two-time cancer survivor and hip amputee.

Cole MacGrath from the inFAMOUS videogame franchise is my favorite video game character and superhero because of how he was able to deal with his burdens and move forward with his life.

During the introduction of the original inFAMOUS, Cole was delivering a package, and it exploded leveling six square blocks of Empire City. Leaving Cole at the center, alive, but changed and able to control electricity. Cole looked at his new-found powers as a burden, and he knew he had a responsibility to save what was left of the city or destroy it. 

This is where the karma system comes in because depending on Cole’s actions throughout the game. The civilians react to Cole as being a superhero or supervillain or “Famous” or “inFAMOUS.”

For example, when Cole is a superhero, the civilians will say, “You give us something to believe in,” and they’ll pull out their cell phones and say, “Hey look it’s Cole!” and take pictures of him while he is saving the city. The women in the game will ask if he dates normal girls or if he has a girlfriend. 

When Cole is a supervillain, the civilians will protest him by chatting, “Cole is Crap!”, “Kill MacGrath!” and say, “You’re the reason why we have a death penalty!” They also form mobs around him and throw rocks chatting, “Let’s kill him before he kills us!” 

There are “karma” moments in the game where Cole must think on his feet and do what he feels is right to him. For instance, civilians will approach Cole and ask him to heal somebody who are seriously injured. Cole has the choice to heal the person, or not care and go on about his business. 

Depending on Cole’s actions, his appearance changes. For instance, Hero Cole is clean and pristine. His electricity is blue, and his powers are defensive. He can also heal civilians and arc-restrain his enemies, which are electrical handcuffs. 

inFAMOUS Cole appears dirty, with veins visibly showing throughout his body and he has red bloodshot eyes. His electricity is red, and his powers are about creating collateral damage killing anybody who gets in his way. He also drains the electrical charges from people killing them instantly, but re-healing himself in the process.

I was at Loma Linda Children's Hospital (Loma Linda, CA) hooked up to an IV pole with my Grandmother and Uncle by my bedside; similar to Cole (inFAMOUS videogame franchise) who was also in the hospital hooked up to an IV pole with his girlfriend Trish and best friend Zeke by his bedside. 

In 1999, this photo was taken of me when I was 14 years old, and the other image I lifted from the original inFAMOUS, which was released in 2009. 

I connected with the way Cole carried himself throughout the first two inFAMOUS games on the PlayStation 3. Cole was just making a routine delivery as a bike messenger, then his life changed instantly when the package exploded. 

Like when I was 14 years old, I only went to Silverado High School for the first week in 1999 as a freshman. I was in the hospital for over a year because I had knee cancer, had to do chemotherapy treatment, and had to get a knee replacement. 

Cole was a person that was forced to deal with having to control electricity, just like I was forced to deal with having knee cancer when I was 14 years old. Even though Cole looked at being able to control electricity as a burden, he didn’t complain about it a lot. He knew this was something that happened to him, and he dealt with it the best way he could and with minimal complaining.

I was inspired by how Cole dealt with controlling electricity because I also looked at myself with having cancer two-times and losing my right leg at 17 years old as a burden. I was confused and complained about what happened to me because it was a drastic change in my life. 

Once I realized there was nothing I could do to bring my real leg back. I started to slowly accept that this is who and what I am now. When the original inFAMOUS was released May 26th, 2009. I finally found my Garden of Eden within the digital world of inFAMOUS and Cole MacGrath’s inspirational story.

What Kind of Hero are You?

I believe the reason why I gravitated towards Nas, The Pharcyde, and the inFAMOUS videogame franchise was because of the meaning behind their names.

For instance, Nas’ name in Arabic means “Helper and Protector.” The Pharcyde name is an acronym they made up called “B.O.T.T.T.O.S,” which means “break on through to the other side,” which also means be different by being creative. 

The developers of inFAMOUS, Sucker Punch Productions spelled “inFAMOUS” that way because based on Cole’s actions, the world would recognize him as being “Famous” or “inFAMOUS.” 

I was inspired by the meanings behind the names of Nas, The Pharcyde, and inFAMOUS when I created “CalmandStrong.” I made sure there was a meaning behind my company name, tagline, and logo.


   • “CalmandStrong” Company Name: I have a calming personality, and I’m strong because of the adversities I was forced to overcome.


   • “Nothing is More Powerful Than a Made up Mind” Tagline: Captures my story connected with Cole’s perfectly because we are both strong minded, strong willed, and we followed through on the decisions we made in life.


   • “CalmandStrong” Logo: The doves flying around the world symbolize God’s angels who were protecting and healing me while I was battling cancer as a teenager.

“Heroes aspire to embody three attributes: the clarity to see what is required of them, the courage to accept what is required of them, and the capacity to discharge what is required of them. Clarity, Courage, and Capacity.” 

- Patricia Fripp, Keynote Speaker and Executive Speech Coach


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I don’t own any content from the inFAMOUS images. All images content is copyright to their respective owners. No Copyright Intended.

I do not own any content displayed from inFAMOUS (2009). The images displayed were captured and lifted from my personal playthrough of the original inFAMOUS video game.

All Rights go to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), developed by Sucker Punch Productions. 

I don’t own any content from Nas and The Pharcyde. No Copyright Intended. All image and lyric content is copyright to their respective owners. All rights go to Nas and The Pharcyde. 

I don’t own any content from Patricia Fripp. She is a great public speaking role model having a 30-plus year career as a top speaker. Quotes were retrieved from Patricia Fripp’s Newsletter, “How to Be a Hero for More Than One Day.”

Fripp shares valuable information for aspiring professional speakers who want to prepare and present powerful presentations.

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CalmandStrong: Acknowledgments

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I published my autobiography “CalmandStrong: Some People Walk in Each Other’s Shoes… I Carry Mine” in March, and I’ve been marketing it on my social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Before I wrote the first draft of my book, I decided to become an inspirational speaker, and I joined Toastmasters at CSUSB to help sharpen my skills as an inspirational speaker. I also started volunteering at Loma Linda Children Hospital to help other children, teenagers, and young adults who were battling cancer and going through chemotherapy.

My goal with “CalmandStrong” was to give hope to others who have been through similar situations as myself. I participated at Toastmasters at CSUSB and volunteered at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital to help me break out of my “shy” shell. I wanted to be confident while talking about my experiences and realities of being a two-time cancer survivor and hip amputee.

All the studying, researching, and being able to express myself through speaking and writing eventually helped me in the long run because I completed 20 overall speeches for Toastmasters at CSUSB, and 221 volunteer hours at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, which is the same hospital where I did my chemotherapy treatment as a teenager.

On April 2nd, I posted a message on Facebook detailing that my book was available for sale, and it was accompanied by an image of me holding the paperback version of my book. A lot of my Facebook friends and family showed a lot support and were interested in buying a copy.

I put out my book independently with help from the Fiverr community, and although it was a lot of hard work. It was worth it because there aren’t many stories about a student who had knee cancer twice, lung cancer, a knee replacement, and a leg amputation during their four years of high school.

I feel my story is a superhero story, and it made sense to compare my story to my favorite superhero: Cole MacGrath from the inFAMOUS videogame franchise.

When people pick up a copy of my book, I hope they receive an emotional understanding of what a person must endure while fighting life threatening illnesses (cancer), and the psychosocial aspects of losing a limb (hip amputee).

“CalmandStrong is dedicated to all people from all ages that have ever experienced a serious illness, especially the teenagers and young adults who have sadly passed away from their illnesses.”

- Darryl C. Richie 

I hope you enjoy my superhero story.

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* On April 1st, I asked my sister if she read my book, and she said she was a few chapters into it. I asked her if there was anything she found out that she didn’t know about me. She didn’t know how severe constipation was for me while I was doing chemotherapy at 14 years old. She also said she was at work while reading the eBook, and it was hard for her to put it down, which is a great sign that CalmandStrong has the potential of being a great book.

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I do not own any content displayed from inFAMOUS (2009). The images displayed were captured and lifted from my personal playthrough of the original inFAMOUS video game.

No Copyright Intended. All content is copyright to their respective owners. All image is property of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), developed by Sucker Punch Productions.

CalmandStrong: Some People Walk in Each Other's Shoes... I Carry Mine

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Sometimes, superheroes don’t exist only in movies and video games. Sometimes, a Cole MacGrath (from the inFAMOUS video game franchise) is actually real and walking around.

This inspirational superhero story is about a high school student who overcame TWO cancers and a hip amputation. “Some People Walk in Each Other’s Shoes… I Carry Mine” is a real-life story of overcoming grueling challenges, facing struggles & conquering pain.

Last summer in 2017, I finished the first draft of my autobiography, and I felt I accomplished something special. The first draft came out great, but it still needed work with pacing, grammar errors, and more content that I eventually added months later.

Fast-forward to 2018, I received a comment from Iby Class on my inFAMOUS: Cole MacGrath Gameplay Part II video on YouTube, and he told me about Fiverr, which is a promotion service that helps content creators get their vision out to the world. At first, I looked around the platform and found services that specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which drives traffic from around the world to my website.

One day I looked for book services like editing and proofreading, creating a front and back book cover, and publishing services for eBook and print formats. With help from the Fiverr community, I was finally able to get my book published. 

Fiverr Community Book Acknowledgments

   • Amanda Hitt: She edited, proofread, and formatted my book.


   • Cal5085: He created an amazing front and back book cover ready for eBook and print versions, and he also created a social media ad. Towards the end of creating my social media ad, he said he was also a fan of the inFAMOUS videogame franchise.


   • Jrcopywriting: He wrote a professional book listing for my autobiography. He also said I had an interesting story, and was excited to work on my book listing.


   • Millians: My book would not be available for purchase at digital stores without Millians’ hard work. I have images within my book that help tell my story, and I had to fight for certain images to remain within my book, but other images I had to let go due to copyright issues. It got to the point where the publishers lawyers got involved, but Millians never gave up on my book, and it came out the way I envisioned. He formatted and published the eBook and paperback versions of my autobiography on six different online bookstores such as Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scibd, and Agnus & Robertson.

Fiverr Community SEO, Website Video, Social Media and Promotion Acknowledgments

   • Amazesolutions and Tharaka__design: For the worldwide traffic directed straight to


   • Graphics_quee: He created a website tour video to help promote my website.

   • Designrans: He created an awesome social media and promotion book banner.

I started off this year realizing that I can’t do everything by myself, and I must be opened minded to other peoples’ opinions and trust their expertise in their chosen field. The Fiverr community is like the Garden of Eden for creators because it cuts out the middle man. The community focuses on helping creators succeed, which gives the them a platform to express themselves artistically and creatively for the world to see.

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Audiobook Coming Soon…

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On March 10th, 2018, I received my Advanced Communicator Bronze Certificate from Toastmasters International because I completed 20 speeches.


I do not own any content displayed from inFAMOUS (2009). The images displayed were captured and lifted from my personal playthrough of the original inFAMOUS video game.

No Copyright Intended. All content is copyright to their respective owners. All image is property of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), developed by Sucker Punch Productions.