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CalmandStrong: The Ultimate Victory

Dedication to those who purchased my autobiography, and how I was able to independently self-publish.

I wanted to dedicate this blog to the people who supported me by purchasing a copy of my autobiography “CalmandStrong: Some People Walk in Each Other’s Shoes… I Carry Mine.”

The sales from my book are coming in and I appreciate all the support!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could write and publish a book, but with my creativity and determination, I achieved my goal. I knew my dramatic, but true story needed to be told because it could help others who have been through similar situations and it could help anybody who has ever experienced a serious illness.

Around this time last year, I started putting my thoughts and feelings about my life of being a two-time cancer survivor on digital paper. I have photos on my website that helped take me to that dark and depressing place I was at as a teenager. I was able to break down how I felt mentally, spiritually, and physically while dealing with this difficult ordeal.

To check out my cancer images and much more, click here:

I’ve became a hip amputee at 17-years-old in 2003, and 2004-2008 were dark years for me because I was still adjusting to becoming a hip amputee and walking with a prosthetic leg. It was a difficult adjustment for me because I had my right leg the first 17-years of my life, and after I was diagnosed with cancer for a second time, my right leg had to get amputated and it was gone forever.

For all the current readers of this blog. Think about your life at 17-years-old. Senior year of high school, prom, applying for colleges, etc. Now, just imagine being forced to part ways with your right leg during the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Within my book, I describe all the hardships I had to endure, and how I was able to believe in myself again when I came across Sucker Punch Productions’ inFAMOUS videogame franchise and superhero Cole MacGrath.

I found my Garden of Eden when inFAMOUS came into my life because the comparisons and parables between Cole and myself were surreal. When I first played the game in 2009, I felt like God came through my eyes and forced me to notice the comparisons between Cole and myself, and share my connection with this digital character.

With the help from the Fiverr community, I was able to self-publish my story and share it with the world.

On May 28th, I turned 33-years-old and realized I’ve been a hip amputee almost half of my life. 2018 also marks my 15th anniversary of being a two-time cancer survivor.

What People Are Saying…

One reader said, “I felt like I was with you during the journey. I felt your pain, sadness, and accomplishments.”

To read more about my superhero story of overcoming knee cancer twice, lung cancer, adjusting to having knee replacement and becoming a hip amputee, click here: Disclaimer… I don’t own any content from the inFAMOUS images. All image content is copyright to their respective owners. No Copyright Intended. I do not own any content displayed from inFAMOUS (2009). The image displayed were captured and lifted from my personal playthrough of the original inFAMOUS video game. All Rights go to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), developed by Sucker Punch Productions.

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