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Updated: Black Magic: Justice, Rebirth & Love

A historical fiction novel about an immortal African named “Just-Us” from 10 million years ago. Just-Us gets reincarnated during medieval times as a part of the Songhai people (Mali, West Africa) with the task from the Gods and Goddesses of Kemet (present-day Egypt) to destroy the Transatlantic Slave Trade.


God, in Human Form

10 million years ago, man first walked the earth in Africa, or “Alkebu-lan,” which means “Land of the Spirit People.” These first and only human beings weren’t exactly 100% human because they were immortal. These immortal Africans were never exactly sure how they arrived on earth, but they knew they had superpowers and strength in numbers, according to ancient Kemite (Egyptian) God of the Sky, Heru. My name Heru means “The Distant One,” which represents my duty to rule over the sky, sun, and the moon. I’m also the protector of my father’s children on earth because they are royalty. My abilities as the “Sky God” include being able to recall and keep record of every event that impacts Mother Africa, especially the concerns of my father’s children.

My father, Kemite God Ausar allowed the immortal Africans to have superpowers which included manipulating and controlling fire, ice, electricity, the ability to fly, and the ability to regenerate their health. When these immortal Africans ruled 10 million years ago, the men were 15 feet tall, and the women were 10 feet tall. They also represented intelligence and strength by building different kingdoms, empires, temples, castles, pyramids, and palaces throughout the continent, in honor of the Kemite Gods and Goddesses. These immortal Africans believed in leaving behind a legacy, and that’s why many monuments were built in their honor. They also believed a spiritual God-force put them on earth to live a life of abundance. They followed the Kemite Gods and Goddesses because they believed it was a blessing to be put on earth as an immortal African. This served as a blueprint for the descendants of the immortal Africans to follow and live righteously as they did.

The Kemetic God’s: When We Ruled

The ancient Kemite's named their empire Kemet (present-day Egypt), meaning “Black Land” or “Land of the Blacks,” in reference to the fertile banks and fields surrounding the Nile River. Ausar is the God of the underworld and judge of the dead. He is also known for justice and rebirth because of his life experiences. As a living God, my father was depicted as handsome and dressed in royalty wearing a crown. He was also just, generous, and the God of giving life and abundance. When my father married my mother, Auset, Kemite Goddess of love and magic. Ausar was the God of the Earth, and Auset was his queen and they were rulers of the world together and took the responsibility seriously because they made sure the immortal Africans were living in paradise with streams of water being easily available, food was plentiful, and the climate was perfect for human living conditions. While my parents were ruling the world together, there were no injustice, and all men and women were treated equally.

Even though Ausar was a just and kind ruler, he was killed by his spiteful and resentful brother named Set. Set’s jealousy grew greater when Ausar gained fame and admiration throughout Kemet for being a man of order, a unifier, and an extraordinary scholar. Set’s insecurity led him to murder Ausar while he slept. Set dismembered his brother’s body into 14 pieces and scattered them throughout Kemet. Auset fled into hiding when she heard about the murder of her husband, and she soon searched, found, and recomposed the fragments of her husband’s body. Auset found every piece of Ausar’s body, except for his genitalia because it got lost in the Nile River and eaten by a crocodile. Auset grieved over the loss of her beloved husband, and the spirit of Ausar heard her cry and he visited her one night. Nine months after Ausar visited Auset, Ausar came back to life, and they welcomed their first child, me, Heru.

Ausar became the most popular and enduring image of God. Although my father experienced a rebirth, he was unable to rule the land of the living, so he withdrew into the underworld where he became God and Judge of the Dead.

My mother Auset is the Goddess of all people, which meant male, female, royal or the everyday common person looked for her guidance. The immortal Africans identified with Auset because they believed she would help them during their darkest times because she is the Goddess of love and magic. Myself, along with my parents and Kemite Goddess Maat, whose name means “Truth” worked closely together to keep and restore balance to the planet for my parents’ immortal children. We all worked together to make sure all the immortal Africans were living in order and harmony with each other because they would be granted a peaceful life on earth and be rewarded in the afterlife.

10 million years ago, all the landmasses on planet earth were connected, and overtime these immortal Africans scattered throughout the world to lands you may know today as North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. Although many immortal Africans scattered around the world, a few of them stayed on the continent. There was always an unspoken rule amongst the immortal Africans to always come back to their motherland. The immortal Africans were a peaceful people who engaged in agriculture, mining trade, fishing, arts and crafts of various kinds, manufacturing pottery, furniture, building materials, boats, and weapons for war. Africans in general are a secretive people who were aware of the great resource and mineral wealth of their continent of origin. The resources and minerals were mainly used for personal adornment, and African kings and queens didn’t desire to benefit from world commerce that would greatly benefit them and their kingdom, state, or empire. These immortal Africans realized no matter where they went in the world; royalty was interchangeable. After ruling the planet earth for 10 million years with a population of 14.5 billion people. By 2545 BC, the immortal Africans weren’t ready for the drastic change that happened within their bodies, and unfortunately, they never recovered from this experience.

The spiritual God force that gave the immortal Africans superhuman abilities were slowly going into dormancy. This experience for the immortal Africans would become a brutal, ongoing process because it was like somebody slowly going blind. They realized the human existence was like the ongoing process of nature, which was nothing lasts forever. The immortal Africans never thought they would have to part ways with their superhuman abilities. They were the only form of human existence for many centuries, and they never adjusted to becoming 100% human because they always felt higher spiritually. The immortal Africans knew they had extraordinary superpowers at one point in time, prior to the mortal human existence.

Introducing Just-Us

Just-Us was a part of the 14.5 billion population of immortal Africans, and he was blessed with the ability to control and manipulate electricity. Just-Us was a 27-year-old male, 15 feet tall, slender build, medium to dark caramel skin tone, short black hair, stubble beard, and brown eyes. Just-Us never aged after 27-years-old, because he was chosen to be on earth by Ausar. Ausar chose Just-Us to be on earth because he saw a lot of his righteous self within him. For instance, the meaning behind Just-Us’ name means “community,” because he fights for justice, not just for his personal family, but for his community and people. My father also liked how Just-Us was creative, insightful, passionate, and altruistic.

Since Just-Us’ superpowers were already dormant, one day in 663 BC, he decided to go into the rainforest of present-day Uganda. He entered the forest by himself because he loved the peaceful vibes he received from the largest tropical lake in the world, Lake Nyanza (present-day Lake Victoria). Just-Us wasn’t scared to be by himself because he was confident with his superpowers, but he forgot electricity didn’t flow through his veins anymore. After 30-minutes of admiring the creation of Lake Nyanza, he reflected on his life living on earth for 10 million years as an immortal African. One second later, Just-Us got bit in the right leg by a Black Mamba snake, the largest venomous snake in Africa. After 15-minutes, Just-Us felt rapid dizziness, had difficulty breathing, and his heartbeat was beating erratically. After another 20-minutes had passed, Just-Us suffered a slow and agonizing death from the snake bite.

Ausar sent the snake to bite Just-Us to teach him a lesson about being mortal because the world was changing. The Africans were not immortal anymore, so they must always be alert or face the consequences that could result in death. As Just-Us’ corpse started to decay in the humid Ugandan forest, Ausar stretched from the underworld and brought Just-Us’ soul back to his palace. When Just-Us’ feet landed on solid ground in the underworld, he noticed he was in the palace of Ausar and Auset. When Just-Us looked up, he saw Ausar and Auset sitting at the royal Kemite God and Goddess table.

When Just-Us finally sat down, Ausar and Auset at the same time said, “We need you for an important task concerning our African children.”

Just-Us began to shake his head because he couldn’t understand why African people would have any problems in the future because they were the only humans on earth.

“During the medieval era in the 16th century, a mass migration of Africans will be forced out of their kingdoms and become prisoners-of-war in foreign lands. Once they reach these lands, for hundreds of years, my children will be treated as foreigners, even after bondage. This forced mass migration of Africans out of Africa will continue the dark ages for all my children,” Ausar said.

This information was too much for Just-Us to handle. Imagine coming from a race of people who were ruling the world for hundreds of centuries to being forcefully removed from their land of origin. From the underworld, Just-Us witnessed the inevitable of the captive Africans being forced to relocate to the western hemisphere and being reduced to a level of dependency of an infant, which was difficult for him to understand. It hurt Just-Us’ soul when he realized his fellow Africans were going to be forced to labor against their will, and it was against the law for them to read and write while in captivity for 300 years. Just-Us also noticed it would be difficult for these captive Africans to fathom that they left behind a legacy of greatness, grandeur, beauty, and sophistication for the world to experience from their culture of West Africa.

Ausar sent the snake to bite Just-Us so that he could be groomed for centuries in the underworld. Ausar explained that Just-Us’ name would remain the same and he’ll be born again, reincarnated in 1592 AD as a part of the Songhai (also transliterated as Songhay) people of West Africa. There were a few things Ausar forgot to mention.

Just-Us will never remember his past as being an immortal African with superpowers after being reincarnated. Just-Us’ electrical superpowers will be available when he is born again, but they will only work if he is scared or sad. By 14-years-old, Just-Us will be able to control the electricity, and by 17-years-old, Just-Us will be given the gift of two Kpinga knives to accompany his electrical superpowers. After Just-Us accepted the task from Ausar and Auset, he began training because it was going to take centuries of practicing defense tactics with his electrical superpowers to keep Africa from falling from grace.

As Just-Us left the royal room, Ausar told Auset, “Just-Us will only be 27-years-old in 1619, but he must be ready and show us that he mastered the craft we’ve taught him. Foreign invaders will force their way onto our Mother Africa and steal all the resources from our children.”

History Notes

1. From 2545 to 1709 BC, the Hyksos of west Semitic origin from Asia were the first foreign invaders and conquerors of Kemet. For the Kemites, this period became the “Great Embarrassment” because foreigners were ruling them and their land of origin. The Kemites revolted in 1709 BC, retook their kingdom, and expelled the Hyksos from Kemet years later. When the Hyksos got expelled, the Kemites most celebrated 18th Dynasty began, which is also known as the New Kingdom period. • The 18th Dynasty Pharaohs ruled for 250 years. • Pharaoh Ahmose I led the war of liberation against the Hyksos invaders. • Pharaoh Akhenaton and his Queen “Great Royal Wife” Nefertiti restored the "One God" religion. Pharaoh Akhenaton was the perfect example of a “Humanitarian Royal Person” because he refused warfare and was a believer of non-violence. Pharaoh Akhenaton became the forerunner for Peace Activist and Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. many centuries after his death. 2. In 663 BC, Kemet officially fell to foreign conquest and rule, and the Kemites never reclaimed their kingdom again, after ruling for 3,000 years. Kemet first fell to the Assyrians in 663 BC, the Persians in 525 BC, the Greeks 332 BC, the Romans 30 BC, and the Arabs in 639 AD. 3. The Kemet and Songhai Connection: Songhai’s mystic art was so well known that Kemite pharaohs hired Songhai priests to perform magic in Kemet. The connection between Kemet and Songhai continues today. 4. From 1562-1563, off the coast of present-day Sierra Leone. English Admiral Sir John Hawkins captured 301 African slaves (prisoners-of-war) during his first voyage by plundering Portuguese ships, violence and deception, and promising Africans free land and riches once landed in the present-day region of the Americas. Admiral Hawkins had a reputation for being religious and required his sailors to “serve God daily,” and love one another. Most of Admiral Hawkins’ African captives were sold to the Spanish in present-day Dominican Republic. He returned home with massive profits from his voyage, and his ships were laden with ivory, hides, and sugar. During his second voyage (1564-1565), Admiral Hawkins was granted permission from Queen Elizabeth I to forcibly capture Africans and transport them to the Americas, and he agreed to this condition. The “Jesus of Lubeck,” also referred to as “The Good Ship Jesus” was a 700-ton ship that was commanded by Admiral Hawkins and his companion and cousin Sir Francis Drake. 400 African captives survived the voyage, and reached present-day western Venezuela, South America.
5. Slavery existed centuries before 1619 in Africa, Asia, and Europe. The introduction of chattel slavery in the Americas had broken every link between the African captives and their culture, and their memory of nationhood.


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