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A Masterpiece Reborn

One of my favorite video game characters, Wander from Shadow of the Colossus returns with a remake on the PlayStation 4, but is the updated graphics worth a revisit?

In 2016, I blogged about my experience with Shadow of the Colossus, stating that this game, along with Ico became some of my favorite video games of all time. I did a speech at Toastmasters at CSUSB talking about these games entitled, “Can Video Games Be Art?”

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Both games are developed by Team Ico and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. I played the remastered version on the PlayStation 3, and I felt myself gravitating more towards playing Shadow of the Colossus a lot more than Ico.

During E3 2017, it was announced that Bluepoint Games were going to fully remake Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation 4, meaning the game will look up to date, and comparable to other games this generation with updated graphics and controls.

When I first played Shadow of the Colossus as a part of the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, I noticed the main protagonist named Wander was special to me, because I got the same feeling while playing as main protagonist Cole MacGrath from the inFAMOUS videogame franchise.

Shadow of the Colossus is about Wander, who enters a forbidden land with his horse Agro, bow-and-arrow, sacred sword and the hope of bringing an unknown woman named Mono back to life.

Wander comes across a mysterious entity named Dormin, who tells him if he slays all 16 Colossi, there could be a chance that he could bring Mono back to life. Dormin also told Wander there could be a huge price to pay if he succeeds, but Wander wasn’t concerned about what could happen to him, because he just wanted Mono back in his life.

After Wander slays each Colossi, he starts to disintegrate and his appearance changes drastically. Wander is defiantly a normal person by the way he carries himself throughout the game. For example, he looks awkward when he swings his sword, he is not the best climber, he is clumsy at times, but he is great at archery and is familiar with a bow-and-arrow. Team Ico did a great job making Wander feel like he didn’t belong in this beautiful forbidden land with huge monsters.

I connected with the sense that Wander was willing to do whatever he could to bring Mono back to life, even if it meant putting his own life in danger because this woman meant the world to him. Wander is a silent protagonist, because he barley says anything throughout the game, but his motivations were easily relatable and spoke louder than words.

The relatability of Wander’s motivations inspired me to always look for ways to make myself a better inspirational speaker, author, and a better person in general. I realized since Wander is a silent protagonist, he let his motivations and actions do the talking for him, which was powerful to me.

Almost every living thing in the game towers over Wander, and when he finally reached a Colossi, he must find a way to climb it, and find its weak point to kill it, which turns the Colossi into a living, breathing puzzle.

The soundtrack for Shadow of the Colossus is defiantly my favorite of any video game or film. I listen to the soundtrack all the time and reminisce about the atmosphere and beautiful world Team Ico created.

I’m excited to re-enter the mystical world of Shadow of the Colossus when it’s released Feb. 6th.

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