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Anticipating New Opportunities

On April 23rd, I was watching Ted Talks videos on YouTube and I came across a speech from Tina Seelig entitled, “Tina Seelig: The 6 Characteristics of Truly Creative People.” Seelig is a Stanford professor who encourages creativity, and she created a model that she calls Innovation Entrepreneurship, which consists of six characteristics:

• Culture • Attitude • Imagination • Resources • Knowledge • Habitat

There were a few things Seelig said that caught my attention. For instance, she spoke about bringing ideas to life through a very different perspective, and using imagination by connecting and combining ideas.

I was at Loma Linda Hospital (Loma Linda, CA) hooked up to an IV pole with my Grandmother and Uncle by my bedside; similar to Cole (inFAMOUS videogame franchise) who was also in the hospital hooked up to an IV pole with his girlfriend Trish and best friend Zeke by his bedside.

In 1999, this photo was taken of me when I was 14 years old, and the other image I lifted from the original inFAMOUS, which was released in 2009.

I’ve decided to become an inspirational speaker in 2013, and 2015 is when I decided to peruse this profession full time. My goal as a speaker is to connect my experiences and realities with cancer and being a hip amputee to the digital world of the inFAMOUS videogame franchise and superhero Cole MacGrath.

When Seelig said bring ideas to life from a different perspective, that statement resonated with me because I know the content within my personal story is different, unique and inspiring. I’m almost certain speaking about connecting my dramatic story to a video game character has never been done before, and I want people to recognize the similarities between Cole and myself.

After I saw Seelig’s speech video, I Googled her and found her contact information. I e-mailed her saying after I watched her speech, it reassured me that I’m on the right path. My company “CalmandStrong” came into existence because of my creativity along with my imagination, combining and connecting ideas of me being a cancer survivor and hip amputee to Cole and inFAMOUS.

Another characteristic that resonated with me was habitat, which is parallel to imagination. Seelig said if we can’t imagine it, we can’t build it.

I also learned that it’s important for me to be around like-minded people that are on the same frequency as me. I believe once I connect with people who believe in my vision and has influence, they will help guide me to where I need to be as an inspirational speaker.

I reached out to Seelig April 24th, and she responded back to me April 25th. She thanked me for reaching out and she said she was going to check out my website and my speeches.

To check out my speeches and PowerPoint Presentations on my website, click here:

To check out my experiences and realities with cancer and being a hip amputee on my website, click here:

To check out my connection with inFAMOUS and Cole MacGrath on my website, click here:

To check out Tina Seelig’s “The 6 Characteristics of Truly Creative People” on YouTube, click here:

* On April 29th, I’m going to attend the Relay for Life event for the American Cancer Society that is going to be held at Victor Valley College. Be on the lookout for my next blog about my experience at the event.

* inFAMOUS 2 has a mission editor, and I decided to create a mission where I meet Cole and thank him for inspiring me to move forward with my life. I’m putting some finishing touches on it, and I should be done next week. I’m excited to share what I came up with, and look out for my “inFAMOUS 2: UGC: Digital Inspiration from Cole MacGrath” video next week!


I don’t own any content from the image displayed from inFAMOUS.

No Copyright Intended. All inFAMOUS content is copyright to their respective owners. All image content is property of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), developed by Sucker Punch Productions.

Tina Seelig “The 6 Characteristics of Truly Creative People” video courtesy of 99u from

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