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But It's Always Forward I'm Moving...

The last few weeks I’ve been going to Toastmasters at CSUSB an hour early because I was meeting with the advisor of the club. Since I completed 10 speeches in the Competent Communicator handbook, she offered to help me perfect my future speeches because she knows being an inspirational speaker is my career choice.

During the last few weeks we went over some of the speeches I completed already, and she helped me dive deeper into the meaning of why I decided to speak about these topics.

On Nov. 16th, we talked about my fourth speech entitled, “Inspirational Music,” which was about the musician Nas and his song “Stillmatic (The Intro).”

This is the first track from Nas’ Stillmatic album and I first heard it when I was in the hospital at 14 years old when I was doing chemotherapy treatment (On my music page, I explain how Nas and other Hip-Hop artist’s helped me to believe “Nothing is More Powerful Than a Made up Mind.” Check it out here:

The advisor asked me why did I pick this song to focus my speech around, and why is it so significant to me. I told her Nas’ Stillmatic (The Intro) is the ultimate redemption song, and it helped me believe I could beat cancer.

“The Brother’s Stillmatic. I crawled up out of that grave, wiping the dirt, cleaning my shirt, they thought I’d make another “Illmatic.” But it’s always forward I’m moving, never backwards stupid here’s another classic.” – Nas, Stillmatic (The Intro)

When I said those lines from the first verse from Nas to the advisor, she understood where I was coming from, especially when Nas was talking digging himself out of his own grave.

I told her that line felt like it was the start of my new beginning while I was laying in the hospital at 14 years old. It helped me slowly become more positive while I was going through a life changing event as a teenager.

While talking about this topic, the advisor told me about the rule of three, which is a writing principle that suggest things that come in threes.

When it’s time for me to start presenting my next round of speeches. The advisor suggested that I use the rule of three with Nas’ Stillmatic (The Intro) song. For example, I will just break down the song, and talk about which lines affected me the most and why I have a strong connection with the song.

I consider the advisor of Toastmasters at CSUSB my mentor because since I’ve joined the club she has been very helpful by sharing her knowledge about public speaking with me. She also gave me some documents about how to be a successful entrepreneur, how to connect to my audience and the secret of choosing successful speech topics.

* When the Toastmasters meeting ended on Nov. 16th. I met a new visitor and while talking we connected because we believe in not being confined to what corporate America wants us to do. We are interested in becoming entrepreneurs, creating something with substance while being able to support ourselves and help others.

* We met up this week and we gave each other an overview of what we want to do, and hopefully in the future we could work together. I’m happy that I crossed paths with a like minded person.


I don’t own any content from the image displayed from Nas’ Stillmatic album cover. No Copyright Intended. All content is copyright to their respective owners. All Rights go to Nas.

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