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CalmandStrong Book Finished

On Jan. 30th, I started writing a book about my experiences and realities of being a two-time cancer survivor and hip amputee.

I had the bulk of my book finished because a lot of the information that I needed was already on my website, and all I had to do was dive deeper into my feelings and express myself.

When I first started writing my book. I wrote 29 pages in one week, and over the last few weeks, I added more content such as interviews from a few family members, which in turn helped me remember specific things from certain situations during this dark period in my life.

The information I got from the family members I interviewed was very eye opening for me because I never asked them how they felt about my diagnoses with cancer as a teenager.

This experience was also therapeutic for me because I feel my strength is better as a writer than a public speaker. My ability to connect the experiences of how different family members felt to my experiences and realities of being a cancer survivor gave the book more credibility because every word within is 110% true.

I am proud of this accomplishment because I never would have thought that I could ever write a book about my life, and I did so effortlessly. At first, I thought I was going to have writers block and wouldn’t know how to pick-up where I left off and move forward.

Turns out I did the exact opposite because once I started writing I couldn’t stop, which I feel is a sign from God because I’m on the right path towards creating something great.

As a finished product. I wrote a total of 39 pages, which is 10,671 words in three weeks. As of this year, I am 14 years’ cancer free and healthy.

Check out a sample of my book here:

Check out my Official YouTube Channel here:

* May 2016, I met a book editor through another contact that I met at a Network After Work event. When I spoke to the book editor last May, she expressed she liked my website, my tagline and loved that I’m comparing my story to my favorite video game superhero: Cole MacGrath.

* She told me to start writing some ideas down for a book because I have a unique story to tell. Since I finished my book, I’m going to reach out to her again and see what she could do to help me get my book published.

* I was expecting to hear something about my audition this week from SRL Networks (An artist relations company representing independent musicians and labels from around the world, located in London), but I haven’t heard anything from them yet.

* My advertisement is still live on their social media sites and on their official website. I’m lookng forward to get an update about the progress of my audition.

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