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Cancer Con VIP Club

A week ago I signed up for the Cancer Con VIP Club, which is connected to Stupid Cancer (Stupid Cancer is an organization that specifically focuses on young adults who were affected by cancer). I had a phone interview on Sept. 8th with the Director of Development for Stupid Cancer, and he wanted to share more information about their services concerning young adults who were affected by cancer in the community.

Before we got started with the interview, he asked me how did I hear about the Stupid Cancer organization. I told him I met a woman while volunteering at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital who was also a two-time cancer survivor and was around my age. I explained that she told me about Stupid Cancer and suggested I should reach out because they might be looking for speakers.

He told me the age demographic that they focus on are people from ages 13 to 45 years old, which he said I fit in perfectly. They support children and teenagers who had cancer and are now adults. He also said that they also provide support to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.

Stupid Cancer helps people with dignity, and is a place where people who have been through the same experiences can connect online through social media websites or through conferences.

They realize that young cancer survivors need help moving forward with their lives, and they show support for those interested in getting an education, careers, friendships, dating and relationships.

The Director’s job is to help raise funds making it easier for young adults who had experience with cancer to succeed in life, participate and attend their conferences. He said if I was interested in helping raise funds, I could use social media to do so.

For example, he said when it’s your birthday, you would normally receive gifts from family and close friends. On Facebook, he said friends will wish you a happy birthday and for your birthday, you could ask for a donation towards a good cause, which is Stupid Cancer.

I asked him if I could put a download link for the donations on my website, and all the money will go to Stupid Cancer. I feel having the donation link on my website could help bring more traffic to my website and to the Stupid Cancer website because I am an example of a young adult cancer survivor.

The Director said it was a good idea to have donation link on my website, but becoming a member of the Cancer Con VIP Club is a process and takes time, which is not a problem for me.

He brought up the Cancer Con 2017 event located in Denver, CO that is going to happen next year in April, and I told him that I applied to speak at the conference. He also said on Oct. 29th, 2016 they are having the OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults conference in Irvine, CA.

He suggested I should go to both of these events because the more I’m involved within the Stupid Cancer community, the more they would get to know me and be able to have opportunities for speaking engagements.

I’m interested in attending the OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults conference in Irvine, CA and hopefully be selected to speak at Cancer Con 2017 in Denver, CO.

* On Sept. 6th, I got an e-mail from Startup Grind stating that I may be a great fit for the best selected 20 startup companies to participate in their startup program for the best startups in the world at their inaugural 2016 SoCal Conference.

* I already applied to participate for the best startup in the world and I’m waiting for an e-mail response. I already applied to go to the conference and got accepted and will be attending on Sept. 27th in Los Angeles.

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