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Cancer: The Universal Disease and Welcoming Opportunities

One of my good friends texted me and told me rapper Lil Boosie has a song talking about how he has liver cancer. The song is called “Cancer” and my friend thought I could relate to the song because he was around me when I going through my cancer ordeal.

Lil Boosie put out a music video for “Cancer” and it was powerful. The audio and the visual matched perfectly together. He was in the hospital hooked up to an iv and it brought back memories from when I was sick in the hospital.

One quote from the song my friend brought to my attention was when Lil Boosie was talking about how God answered his prayers when he was on death row, and he expressed that God will answer his prayers again while he is battling liver cancer. Lil Boosie said, “God answered me on death row, he will answer me again.”

My friend has been trying to put me on to Lil Boosie for a while, but I never really got into his music (Just like I tried to put my friend on to Blu, but he never really got into his music). I told him that I was glad he texted me about the song, and I remember going through the same feelings Lil Boosie was going through when I was first diagnosed with cancer.

While I was at Toastmasters this week, the Division B Director of Toastmasters for San Bernardino County was our special guest, and she said there is going to be a public speaking contest in April. The contest is amongst club members in the San Bernardino district. In order for me to compete in the contest, I have to complete two speeches within the club I joined, which is California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) club.

My contest speech is going to be about my experience with having cancer and how the inFAMOUS video game franchise helped me overcome my many insecurities when I became a hip amputee.

When the director was talking about this opportunity, I felt that this could be the next step to help me get closer to being able to share my story and help others in the process. If I win the contest, I could move on to the next round and I have until April to perfect my speech and represent CSUSB Toastmasters.

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