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Children of the Sun: The Importance of Melanin for Black People

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

“They were ‘Children of the Sun’ blessed with blackness by the Sun God himself and thus protected from his fiery rays. They were his children. Their very blackness, therefore, was religious, a blessing and an honor.” – Dr. Chancellor Williams

Queen Tiye, a Black queen from ancient Kemet (Egypt) of the 18th Dynasty. She was the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, mother of Pharaoh Akhenaten, and grandmother of Pharaoh Tutankhamun (King Tut) and Ankhsenamun.

Most people know melanin only as its physical manifestation, or the presence of melanin determines how light or dark a person’s skin tone is. Melanin is much more than that because it is a dark matter that is present in everything in the universe, existing on even a cellular level. It sends out and receives energy and digests information from sunlight. This is the reason why the sun is very “Pro Black,” for highly melanated human beings, because Black people can receive much more sunlight without being harmed as opposed to people who are melanin deficient.

Melanin also improves digestive function, vision, and the inner workings of the brain. Produced by the pineal gland, melanin is found in every organ in the human body, flowing through the blood, and is also present in every subatomic particle of the body. The purest form of melanin is black because it absorbs all colors. It is found in the eyes, hair, and skin of people of African descent to various degrees. The darker the melanin is, the more concentrated it is. Most people think Blacks just have darker skin tones, and it stops there, but there is so much more beneath the surface when it comes to melanin.

Melanin is a brown liquid chemical secreted from cells located in the epidermis of the skin giving color and protection to the skin. Scientists say that all races have the same abundance of melanocytes. A logical question would be, “Then why don’t all races produce an abundance of melanin?” Many scientists have also said for these cells to produce melanin and other pigments, there must be present a hormone and an enzyme. The melanin stimulating hormone (M S H), under the bitter cold of the glacier periods failed to fully evolve in both European and Asian people. But all races have the enzyme called tyrosinase which produces melanin for hair and eye-coloring only and not for full body production. Melanin, when fully developed, is a very deep color of brown, and African people have another protective agent that is yellowish in color that is reputed to be an excretion of the melanocytes but an earlier evolutionary development.

Advantages of Melanin

Scientists are discovering more and more advantages of melanin. The more melanin a person has, the greater the following advantages, which are:

  • Protection against aging

  • Protection against harmful radiations

  • Protection against air-borne abrasives

  • Protection against long immersion in water

  • Protection against harmful effects of cold

  • Quicker muscular responses

  • Better sight

  • Increased information from the environment (i.e., Vibes)

According to Dr. Edelstien, melanin can absorb tremendous qualities of energy of all kinds, including energy from sunlight, energy from X-ray machines that treat cancer, and energy that is formed within cells during the metabolism of cells. His theory is that melanin, in addition to its ability to neutralize the potentially harmful effects of these energies, might also be able to use them in a positive way, like slowing the aging process. One of the obvious reasons why melanin is such a superpower for Black people is because it protects the skin from aging. This protection is afforded by the abundance of oil that melanin triggers from the body to rise to the skin and keep it from wrinkling.

All people on earth have melanin to a certain extent. A lack of melanin is detrimental to the experience on planet earth. For example, any animal in nature that is born albino is harder for it to survive because the color white stands out, making it harder to camouflage for hiding and hunting. Without a substantial amount of melanin, one must hide from the sun, or cover one’s skin in protective elements to survive. The sun will punish any creature that doesn’t have the ability to sustain its divine energy, resulting in severe sunburn, or even skin cancer.

People with Stage 1 and 2 melanin:

  • Stage 1: Someone with Stage 1 melanin levels has empty melanosomes. They don’t possess the necessary equipment to make melanin. These types of people might be melanin recessive and may need to adjust their diet or increase sun exposure to remain healthy.

  • Stage 2: A person with melanin levels can make melanin. Their body has plenty of potential, but the melanosomes themselves are empty of melanin.

Those with Stage 1 melanin can absorb a minimal amount of the light spectrum, which means they must intake their melanin from other sources. People of Caucasian descent fall under the categories of Stages 1 and 2 melanin.

it’s common for Asian, Latino, and Hispanic people to contain some degree of melanin. Asian, Latino, and Hispanic peoples fall under the category of Stage 3 melanin:

  • Stage 3: An individual with Stage 3 melanin levels has access to some of their melanin, as they possess the resources to create melanin and also have melanosomes that are filled half-way with melanin.

It is common for people of African descent to have Stages 3 and 4 melanin, depending on the purity of the melanin within. Stages 3 and 4 have the most potential for connecting to the universe on a cosmic level and bringing their ideas and deepest desires into existence in the physical world.

  • Stage 3: An individual with Stage 3 melanin levels has access to some of their melanin, as they possess the resources to create melanin and have melanosomes that are filled half-way with melanin.

  • Stage 4: At this stage, the individual likely has a dark complexion. Their body possesses the necessary resources to make melanin and has melanosomes that are entirely filled with melanin.

People with color skin tones have circulating melanin, which is caused when excess melanin spills from the melanosomes into the blood and flows throughout the human body. As highly melanated beings, Black people derive most of their power from the sun. When Blacks stand in the sun, they are actively downloading information directly from the cosmos. When sunbathing, Black people charge their melanin and receive downloads at the same time. The bodies of Black people also convert sunlight into energy, and is a natural replenishment of Vitamin D. It is one of the healthiest, most productive acts for melanated beings on earth. The more melanin a person has, the greater the results, because they can utilize the sun’s offering in full capacity. There are only benefits of having an abundance of melanin.

Freeing the African Mind

“Woolly hair and black skin. That’s what the Greeks said about the Kemites (ancient Egyptians).” – Mr. Imhotep, via Instagram

“When you realize that you are more powerful than what you are told, you gain more confidence in your gifts.” – Jade Asikiwe

Melanin’s ability to absorb all types of energy is very amazing and unique for Black people. Melanin absorbs light, electromagnetic waves, cosmic rays, radar, music, radio waves, heat waves, phone waves, and much more. Melanin is also the natural chemical that makes Black people’s skin what it is. It is what makes Black people Black. Besides being found in the skin, melanin is also found in cells, muscles, bones, nerves, digestive and reproductive systems, and bodily functions in a higher amount than all other races.

“History is a restorer of the truth. Like the roots of the tree, it must feed that tree with the waters of knowledge.” – Dr. Calvin R. Robinson, Dr. Edward W. Robinson and Redman Battle, authors of The Journey of the Songhai People

Let the Healing Begin…

A Restatement of Dr. Maya Angelou

Because the memory of our illustrious African ancestors was forcibly

wrenched from our minds, our children no longer give us honor.

Because we have strayed from the path our ancestors cleared for us,

our children cannot find their way.

Because the mental violence has been so harsh and cruel, we have

forgotten the God of our ancestors and misled by the teaching of our


Because the media has caused us to sink deeply into the swamp of

self-hate, our children engage in daily bloodbaths.

Therefore, we pledge to bind ourselves to the beauty, grandeur and sophistication of our African past.

In honor of our ancestors who led the world in science and humanness,

We make this pledge.

Redman Battle, Edward and Calvin Robinson

“Thus politically, but far more intellectually, was Songhay (Songhai) restored to its ancient position as a child of Egypt.” – Flora Shaw (Lady Lugard), author of A Tropical Dependency: An Outline of the Ancient History of the Western Soudan with an Account of the Modern Settlement of Northern Nigeria (1905)

About 93% of the ancestors who are now the present-day African Americans came from the Western Sudan in West Africa. This region consisted of the countries of ancient Ghana, Mali Empire, Songhai Empire, Kanem Bornu, etc. The last great empire in West Africa before the Transatlantic slave trade reached West Africa’s shores was the Songhai Empire, which was the same size as all of Europe combined during the 16th century. It was interesting to find out in medieval times in Songhai, there was no delinquency among children, and this of course meant that the parents were not delinquent in their duties. Africans were a great people before the coming of Islam and (Western) Christianity. In ancient African tradition, Africans had established and developed the extended family concept, where every adult male and female in the country, was considered father and mother of every child.

Social life in ancient and medieval African societies were well organized. The old, the sick, and the infirm were cared for. Spinsters (i.e., unmarried women) were rare; prostitution was unknown. The villages and the surrounding gardens and fields were as safe as the streets of some American cities. Some African ethnic groups or tribes even vaccinated for smallpox.

The Africans of the Western Sudan in Songhai, Kanem Bornu, and in Great Benin on the West African coast, etc. before slavery had world respect and recognition before the invasion of the Songhai Empire in 1591. Great Benin for example, according to European travelers who left written accounts of what they saw said they were equally struck by the social order, absence of theft, and sense of security in the country of Great Benin.

Image I (Left): The Great Benin Empire

Image II (Right): Map of Great Benin on the West African Coast

The Great Benin Empire of present-day Southern Nigeria. Great Benin was founded by the Edo people during the 11th century. The empire was located in the forested region and was one of the oldest and developed nations in West Africa before European conquest and colonization.

"Great Benin, where the King resides, is larger than Lisbon, all the streets run straight and as far as the eyes can see. The houses are large, especially that of the king which is richly decorated and has Fine columns. The city is wealthy and industrious. It is so well governed that theft is unknown, and the people live in such security that they have no door to their houses." - Portuguese Captain Lourenco Pinto during the 17th Century

Edo Brass Plaque

Warrior and attendants, brass plaque, court of Benin, Edo culture, Nigeria, 16th-17th century; in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

"All the work of Benin in bronze and brass was executed by casting, and by methods so complicated that it would be no easy task for a modern European craftsman to imitate them." - Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois

It was not a wonder that ancient Greeks like Herodotus and before him, Homer described the ancient Africans as the most beautiful, the favorite of the gods, and the most just of men.

Ancient and medieval African people expressed their religious beliefs through the concept defined as Maat (ancient Kemite, Egyptian Goddess of truth) that they considered as a divine order established at the time of creation. This order is manifested in the normalcy of phenomena. In all African societies, it manifests itself as justice and in an individual’s life as truth. Maat is this order, the essence of existence, the concept of harmony with the divine order of the universe.

“We must understand that only in the language of our chief oppressors, the English speaking peoples, is the color ‘black’ a word of opprobrium (of absolute wrongness). In the English language we speak of ‘black sheep of the family.’ ‘Black Tuesday (stock market crashed,’ ‘black-ball (a negative ballot),’ ‘black market, black magic, black character, devil’s food cake (black or chocolate).’ There are one hundred and twenty-three synonyms for ‘black’ which are negative, and only one positive (the profit of a business).” – Dr. Calvin R. Robinson, Dr. Edward W. Robinson and Redman Battle, authors of The Journey of the Songhai People

The Robinson brothers and Battle also acknowledged there are 99 synonyms for “white” and all are positive, like “fair, high character, honorable, angel food, white lie, virginal, chaste, sinless, etc.”

In the dictionary there are 123 synonyms that are negative for the word “black.” For example, “Black” is bad, dirty, soiled, evil, wicked, worthless, immoral, sinful, wrong, inferior, poor, unsound, instable, disagreeable, corrupt, vicious, abominable, hateful, horrible, base, and pernicious, etc. The English language developed the greater number of these synonyms for “black” and “white” deliberately during the early years of the enslavement of Black people on the American continent.

It is because of this “mind-twisting,” that some Black people have become haters of their own race. Quite to the contrary, “White” means good, pure, beautiful, spotless, superior, etc. The standard of “whiteness” is a standard Black people began to adopt, by becoming white inside, and hating their Black outside, which is a recipe for self-destruction. Blacks have developed an inferiority complex that deepened over a long uninterrupted period. This behavior by Blacks is residue from slavery. This complex is also very dangerous to the human personality because it defines what a person can and cannot do, and this encourages a very negative picture of how Blacks see themselves. This is the work of a racist society to destroy the self-image of Black people wanting to connect with their true selves and their African roots.

The lack of truth about African Americans, of their intellectual prowess and their ability to survive, despite of what really makes white America, and Black America too, believe all the wrong that has been projected on Black people. The entire American society, inclusive of African Americans has long been and is being continuously programmed by the media of communication to believe that the African genesis (i.e., beginnings) of African Americans is savage, bestial, bereft of intelligence, sub-human, and primitive. Out of the dust of confusion that the Black Man was thrust into, the power elitist through the power structure, created the “Negro.” Before captivity became institutionalized, there were no Negroes, because Black people were recognized as a variety of different African ethnic groups or tribes, like Songhai, Yoruba, Mandinka, Edo, etc. It is this lack of knowledge of African Americans as a collective group that does away with real ethnic pride generally, which made African Americans accept any name that was given to them.

An intertwining philosophy based on the culture of the Songhai Empire, and out of the experiences of the degradation suffered on American soil. African Americans, in the U.S., having been subjected to the greatest trauma in the history of mankind was yet to develop some of the world’s greatest and talented people, such as statesmen, poets, doctors, scientists, philosophers, inventors, lawyers, and many other renowned people.

The Pan African Federation Organization (PAFO) believes African Americans must advocate the ideology of how the individual can contribute to the whole society and to pursue the extended family concept, thus making the acquiring of material wealth only a means to an end and not the end itself. This concept was an African initiative, acted as a safeguard for the preservation of the society. This concept evolved because the environment of West Africa was essential to the spirituality that Africans became noted for. During ancient and medieval times, children of Africa were the best behaved in the world. These African societies also did not need jails, halfway houses, and youth detention centers. This naturally included adults as well as children.

Love in Alkebu-lan (Africa): The Land of the Spirit People

Image I (Left): Map of Africa, “The Land of the Spirits,” or “The Land of the God’s.” The Blacks were among the very earliest builders of a great civilization on earth, including the development of writing, sciences, engineering, medicine, architecture, religion and the fine arts.

Image II (Right): “The Great Sphinx, the portrait statue of the Black Pharaoh Khafre (African identity generally disguised by historians with the name 'Cephren'). He was the first ruler to break from the classical tradition of portraying all important Blacks with pronounced 'Caucasoid' features. Acting as though he foresaw the future of what trend of history would be, Khafre had his racial identity carved in this solid rock for the ages. Note, however, the long and arduous labor that was required for them to chip away that massive flat nose!” – Dr. Chancellor Williams

“Khafre actually broke the tradition in the 4th dynasty. But the ‘Negroid’ features in the Sphinx did not change the classical style.” – Dr. Chancellor Williams

PAFO proposes certain steps to help release African Americans from mental bondage that is eroding their great moral fiber. For example, PAFO is attacking the problem with the sword of truth and the shield of love. In the realm of ethnic love, love of the total race, for survival from the African concept of things has always been race first. That means considerations of marriage, and other individual wants and desires generally conformed to the interest of the total society. The rationale being that society produced the individual, not the individual who produced society. Yet, there was room for flexibility under various circumstances. Since love is a many-sponsored thing, description of it can be difficult. For instance, it can be tender. Yet, to a child on punishment for its own good, it is taken in the negative realm. PAFO have yet not really defined it, but PAFO can safely say that they have felt or seen its manifestations. PAFO attempts to teach how to portray love, and how necessary it is in the understanding of Black or corrective history.

Blacks must first start with love of their race, then love of the family. This automatically transfers to themselves. How do Blacks answer each other? Do they ask or answer sweetly with love, or do they take love for weakness as the dominate society does? Do they greet each other in the true spirit of Blackness? Are they sincere with one another in every facet of their daily dealings with each other? Can they have a simple disagreement on a point of view without being disagreeable? Do they view each other in the light of realizing that their actual future existence, individuality and particularly as a race or nation depends on how and what Blacks think of each other, and not on the so-called mercy of another race of people who are unconsciously programmed against Black people?

If Blacks don’t understand this love concept, in relation to their beautiful history in Africa, then they will have missed the reason for history. Only if Blacks implement this great African concept and truly believe in it, will Blacks begin to generate a power to free them from all negative forces that tend to bind them. Power is organized energy or effort. Success is the development of that power with which to get what is rightfully theirs.

“On the love portion of the above, we want to impact on what the beauty of love was and how it existed on the highest obtainable level in our home continent Africa (Alkebu-lan).” – Dr. Calvin R. Robinson, Dr. Edward W. Robinson and Redman Battle, authors of The Journey of the Songhai People

For many years, it has been known that rich pigmentation afforded absolute protection from agonizing and cancer-inducing sunburn, but it was not until the many investigators in separate studies found and are still finding an ever-lengthening list of advantages of being a highly melenated human being.

Despite all the unfair and unjust situations Black people have been subjected to over the years, they must know that their melanated skin tones, from albino, golden caramel to the rich bluish black is sacred, unique, and precious. It’s important to know that not all un-mixed Africans are jet Black, especially in Africa. For while the great majority are “black” skinned, but countless thousands of Africans who lived for centuries in cool areas in Africa have lighter skin complexions, without “Caucasian blood” running through their veins.

In past years, before any slave trade, Black people were known to be in the sun and embrace nature. They were known to be at one with nature and to love everything that the earth had to offer. Blacks were not just slaves as the educational system in Western (European) civilization has had Black people and other races of people to believe. Blacks were once powerful people who walked the earth. African kings, queens, chiefs, and healers derived their powers from the sun. The Black race from times immemorial to the modern era are a very forgiving people. Blacks are always giving people the benefit of the doubt. During the modern era, Blacks may be perpetuated as a more “aggressive” race compared to others, but this narrative is false because throughout history in the United States of America, for example, African Americans have had a history of “turning the other cheek,” (i.e., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) and always giving society a chance to redeem itself for past sins, hoping change will come, not just for the Black race, but for all of humanity.

Throughout the years, Blacks have seen other races of people being treated with grace and kindness because they have lighter or “fair” skin tones. Blacks living in Western (European) civilization are forced to thrive and be a part of an educational system that buries much of the truth of who Black people really are. Black people are taught many things that have nothing to do with their original or actual culture, and they are forced to conform to the ways of the land they find themselves in. Blacks are often isolated because they are different, and sometimes made to feel less than human by racists and those in positions of power. In the Songhai Empire, the West African homeland of most African Americans is a story of beautiful cities, homes on tree lined avenues, and great universities, which unfortunately has been buried in America’s “memory hole.”

"The time has not yet come for a complete history of the Negro peoples. Archaeological research in Africa has just begun, and many sources of information in Arabian, Portuguese, and other tongues are not fully at our command; and, too, it must frankly be confessed, racial prejudice against darker peoples is still too strong in so-called civilized centers for judicial appraisement of the peoples of Africa. Much intensive monographic work in history and science is needed to clear mooted points and quiet the controversialist who mistakes present personal desire for scientific proof." - Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois (1915)

When Black people begin to embrace their melanin on a spiritual level, they will begin to free themselves. Through centuries, Black people have been seen as lesser species. They have a history of being oppressed and taken advantage of simply because other racial groups were frightened of what would happen should the Black race realize their true potential.

“Negroes, teach your children that they are direct descendants of the greatest and proudest race who ever peopled the earth; and it is because of the fear of our return to power, in a civilization of our own, that may outshine others, why we are hated and kept down by a jealous and prejudiced contemporary world. The very fact that the other races will not give the Negro a fair chance is indisputable evidence and proof positive that they are afraid of our civilized progression.” – The Honorable Marcus Garvey

When Black people realize their full potential, naturally, they will become free. By understanding that Blacks are deeply connected with the cosmos, they don’t have to be a victim of oppression that surrounds them, and they will liberate themselves and their soul. Blacks are special human beings, and they should see themselves as such every day.

“Yeah, you know what I’m sayin’, you could, you could do all types of things, you know what I’m sayin’. But unless, unless, unless they really want to do these things. Makes no difference man. You gotta feel it down, you gotta feel it down, you gotta feel it down, down, down, down. Way down. You gotta feel it right there in that, that spot, you know that secret spot. Everybody’s got it. Some people lose thought of it sometimes. Some people try to find it. Some never will. Some just trip across it. Some abuse it, some mistreat it, some really need it. You gotta feel it, gotta feel it way down, down, down, down. You gotta feel it way down. Down in your soul.”

– Bootie Brown from The Pharcyde, Feel it Way Down Skit, Plain Rap

“Embrace your melanin and your empathic nature and abilities but do not lose sight of who you are and your value. Remember that melanated people have a darker pigmentation that has such amazing properties within the universe and that you are unique and special. You are not some anomaly that doesn’t belong, no matter what someone tells you. Love your skin. Love your hair. Love what makes you different because it is indeed what makes you who you are.”

- Jade Asikiwe

"It's impossible for you and me to have a balanced mind in this society without going into the past, because in this particular society (i.e., Western Civilization), as we function and fit into it right now, we're such an underdog, we're trampled upon, we're looked upon as almost nothing. Now if we don't go into the past and find out how we got this way, we will think that we were always this way. And if you think that you were always in the condition that you're in right now, it's impossible for you to have much confidence in yourself, you become worthless, almost nothing."

- Prince of Songhai Ancestry, Malcolm X


Africanvibes. "A cutting word is worse than a bowstring; a cut may heal, but the cut of the tongue does not." - African Proverb Words have power, so choose them with care and spread kindness. #AfricanWisdom #WordsMatter #SpreadLoveNotHate.Learn more here African Vibes. Instagram. Oct. 18, 2023. Oct. 20, 2023.

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Misterimhotep. Woolly hair and black skin. That’s what the Greeks said about the Kemites. When the truth has been compromised, it becomes necessary to correct the facts. I talked to people who say that skin color did not matter when it is about ancient Kemet. The problem is that if it really did not matter, why did they replace it by these lies? If it did not matter, they could have let it be. But they hid it on purpose. Keep in mind that It took them a lot of effort to create those lies, than it would have take them if they had let things be the way it originally was. In other words, it was very important to them to create all that fake reality. Proof that it was very important. And now that they already compromised the facts, many people talk about it as if it does not matter. Now that everybody thinks that some middle eastern people are the true Kemites, suddenly it does not matter anymore… We should talk about the building of the pyramids, and other interesting topics, but not about who really built all these things… Those who say that, don’t want any change to happen. They want us to keep believing these lies. It is a move to prevent any improvement or change by creating a sort of guilt in those who want something better. Those who want the truth. By the way, I really hope that Michael knew how beautiful he was with his original African features. #imhotepfacts. ATTENTION PLEASE. 1. Subscribe to the VIP FAMILY (LINK IN BIO – 2. FOLLOW us on TWITTER, best way to communicate with us (mister_imhotep). 3. LIKE the page on FACEBOOK (Mr. Imhotep). 4. SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE Channel (Mr. Imhotep).5. Follow @Mister_imhotep_

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