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Darryl C. Richie: Strength, Creativity, & Determination

I’ve overcame a lot of adversities already of being a two-time cancer survivor and hip amputee during my four years of high school from 1999-2003. I recently realized I’ve gained my strength, creativity, and determination from three family members. They also helped me realize I will reach my full potential of being an exceptional inspirational speaker.

Chapter I: Strength

I visited my Grandmother one day, and we spoke for many hours about life and shared our many past experiences. My Grandmother is in her 80’s, and has experienced a lot in life. I could honestly say I gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom from our conversation.

My Grandmother told me about her life, trials, tribulations, and pain she had endured over the years. She explained that she is now at peace with herself and claimed God has blessed her.

I realized I get my strength from my Grandmother, because she sacrificed herself and overcame adversities for many years. When I had knee cancer twice during my teen years, I didn’t understand why I had to suffer, sacrifice my body, and be forced to deal with this overly difficult ordeal at such a young age.

Towards the end of our conversation, I told her that I now see where I get my strength from. My Grandmother’s strength was genetically passed down to me, and I didn’t realize it until after our long conversation.

Chapter II: Creativity

In 2015, there was a family reunion that was in South Carolina for my Mother’s side of the family. My Mother with other family members spent about two years planning everything for the reunion.

Throughout the last few months before the reunion, I noticed my Mother was creating things like banners, brochures, collages, and invitations about celebrating my Grandmother, and her two younger sisters because these three women are oldest members of the family.

The things my Mother created were different and unique. When the reunion started, I saw everything my Mother created, and it made me realize that I get my unique way of thinking from her, which gave me the ability to not be afraid to be different while being creative.

I believe when I created my website: four years ago, the creativity that I’ve inherited from my Mother was with me. My vision from the beginning was to create something that will help people who have been through similar situations as myself, and people who have ever experienced a serious illness.

To check out my CalmandStrong: Presentation Part 2 Slideshow with inFAMOUS Music Montage, click here:

"I always believed I can give people my ideas through art." - Hip-Hop artist Nas

Chapter III: Determination

My Father became a correctional officer shortly after I was born in 1985, and he was at the same job for 30-years. He worked hard almost every day, each year, and worked a lot of overtime to keep his family comfortable. He worked that stressful job for 30-years, and never complained because he was determined on making his family comfortable and was focused on being the sole provider.

I realized the hard work from my Father as a correctional officer over the years was for his family. His drive, focus, and determination to get what he wanted inspired me to not give up on what God has but in my heart and what I believe in: "CalmandStrong."

Conclusion: Leaving Everything in God’s Hands

I know that I could become stubborn when it comes to me wanting something I’ve worked very hard for. I’m still learning how to be patient and leave my hopes and desires in God’s hands, because he is the one who put this CalmandStrong vision in my heart. Until the time comes, I’ll be practicing and perfecting my craf

To check out my 20th overall speech for Toastmasters at CSUSB enttled, “CalmandStrong: Retrospective,” click here:

On Oct. 30th, I had another follow-up doctor’s appointment for Hangers Prosthetic and Orthotics, and I walked out of the office with my new prosthetic leg! My Doctor said I was walking well enough to take it home.

The knee is still a little stiff, but my Doctor said it is best to loosen the knee once I learn how to walk in the leg correctly. With my previous prosthetic leg, I was walking in a half-circular motion, and with my new prosthetic, I need to walk more upright and thrust my hip forward so the knee can register and bend.

While I was in the waiting room, I noticed on the Hanger tv station all the men with prosthetics didn’t have a sleeve. I asked my Doctor if most of his patients have a sleeve on their prosthetics, and he said it’s mainly the women who have sleeves more than the men. He also said the sleeve adds another pound to the leg, and it’s up to me if I want it or not.

My prosthetic leg also came with a charger, and my Doctor insisted I charge my prosthetic leg every night and treat it like my cell phone. After I had my new prosthetic for a few days, I noticed I was slipping out of the socket, which made it overly difficult for me to walk. I made an appointment to see my Doctor on Nov. 2nd, and he fixed the socket by making it more snug and tighter. When I walk in my new prosthetic, I feel more confident with every step I take.

My follow-up Doctor’s appointment is Nov. 7th.

* On Oct. 30th, developers of the inFAMOUS videogame franchise “Sucker Punch Productions” reveled their new video game at Paris Games Week 2017. The game is entitled, “Ghost of Tsushima,” and it’s about the Mongol Empire invading the island of Tsushima. The main protagonist is a samurai fighting for the freedom of Japan.

* Ghost is a departure from their previous video games like Sly Cooper, which is a cartoon stealth, action-adventure platform game and inFAMOUS is an action-adventure game with superhero elements. Sucker Punch’s ability to create completely different video game experiences for different console generations shows how confident and talented they are as a video game company.

* When I first heard the news, I was torn because it was obvious that Sucker Punch has moved on from inFAMOUS, but I’m glad they were able to show off their new intellectual property to the world. I was looking at reaction videos of Ghost on YouTube, and I’m not the only person torn about Sucker Punch’s decision to move on from inFAMOUS. This gave me comfort because I’m not the only one who misses playing as electric-based superhero Cole MacGrath. The original inFAMOUS and inFAMOUS 2 were life changing experiences for me, which is why I detail my connection with this digital character throughout my website.

* To check out the acknowledgement I received from Sucker Punch Productions Co-Founder and Producer Brain Fleming, click here:

* Ghost of Tsushima looks amazing and is a day one purchase from me because of Sucker Punch’s track record with previous video games like Sly Cooper and inFAMOUS being amazing. To check out the reveal trailer of “Ghost of Tsushima,” click here:


I do not own any content from the Ghost of Tsushima or the inFAMOUS videogame franchise. No Copyright Intended. All Ghost of Tsushima and inFAMOUS content is copyright to their respective owners.

All Ghost of Tsushima and inFAMOUS content is property of Sony Interactive Entertainment, developed by Sucker Punch Productions.

Ghost of Tsushima announcement trailer courtesy of PlayStation from

PlayStation. YouTube. Ghost of Tsushima - PGW 2017 Announce Trailer | PS4. October 30, 2017. November 01, 2017.

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