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Delay for my new Prosthetic Leg

A week before Thanksgiving, I had to turn in my prosthetic leg to my Doctor, so he could adjust the socket. I had a follow-up appointment on Nov. 28th, and it turns out that I had to get a new socket made because I was literally falling out of the current one connected to my prosthetic leg.

When my Doctor got done making the prototype, I sat in it and it fitted a lot tighter than the last socket did, which was a good sign. The only down side was that I could still force myself to slip out of the socket, which is not good because I could fall out of it at any time. When I stood up in it and took a step, there was a loud popping sound and my doctor noticed what was wrong. He said he wasn’t comfortable with me walking in it after hearing that sound.

My Doctor also said once the new socket gets laminated, there will be more padding, and I shouldn’t have the problem of slipping out of it.

Overall, we made a lot of progress towards getting the socket right before me walking in it in public. It almost feels like we are starting the beginning process all over again, but I’m glad my Doctor is patient, and I could tell he takes pride in providing the best possible service for me. My Doctor must ship my leg out again, and he will call me when it’s back in the office and make an appointment for me to come in.

I believe my next appointment will be some time next week.

The image of my prosthetic leg is below:

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* I recently wrote an article that got published on a popular online magazine. My article is about connecting my experiences and realities of being a two-time cancer survivor and hip amputee to the digital world of the inFAMOUS videogame franchise and superhero Cole MacGrath. I feel my story is a superhero story because of the adversities I was forced to overcome, and it made sense to compare my story to my favorite superhero: Cole MacGrath.

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