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Donating PlayStation 4 and XBOX One to Loma Linda Hospital

I’ve been volunteering at Loma Linda Hospital for about two months, and I wanted to donate video game consoles and games for the teenagers who are fighting cancer. I first brought up this proposition to the Child Life Specialist around the time I first started volunteering. On Dec. 21st, I followed up with him with plans of what I wanted to donate.

When I spoke to the Specialist. I told him in January or February that I wanted to donate a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the Playroom or for the teens bedroom in the hospital. I also said I really wanted to get this for the teens, because there is not much for them to do while in the hospital.

While volunteering, I was able to speak to some of the teens. I would ask about their hobbies, and if they were into playing video games. A majority of them said yes, but the games that are available in the playroom were not the type of games they like to play. For instance, they are into games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Halo, which have mature content and are story driven.

The PS4 and Xbox One are consoles mostly tailored towards adults who are into gaming because the games have a rating of “T” for Teen and “M” for Mature (there are “E” for Everyone games for these consoles also). I asked the Specialist about the criteria of what type of games are acceptable for the hospital. He said I couldn’t donate mature games, but I could donate teen games, but it depends on how mature the content is.

I sent the Specialist an e-mail about my plan about getting the consoles and games. I want to buy a PS4 and a Xbox One, and a few games. I asked the Specialist if he could ask the patient teens what console they prefer and list three games they would want for that console. Once we know what kind of games the patients want. We could come to a mutual understanding, and I could get the games the patients want to play.

When I first got the idea to donate something. I wanted to donate a few PlayStation 3’s and the inFAMOUS Collection because it helped me overcome my many insecurities when I became a hip amputee. I know that the PS3 is a console from last generation, and the teens that I talked to all said that they wished the hospital had a PS4 or Xbox One.

After months of thinking, I felt that it would be best to donate what the teen patients want instead of forcing to give them something that helped me personally. I figured that the teens might not feel the same way I do about the inFAMOUS because I have a strong connection to the franchise. I think it would be more proactive to donate a game that they would like, instead of a game they might feel is just ok or not like at all.

I’m excited to finally get the ball rolling with my plan, and I hope everything goes as planned. I think the teens will be happy once they have the newest gaming console in the playroom or in their bedroom in the hospital.

* I know a couple people who are interested in donating video games to Loma Linda Hospital, and once everything starts rolling and the patients have their games. I will be more than happy to share.

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