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Maintain your Fight

This week I visited two hospitals in the Las Vegas area, which were Southern Hills Hospital and Summerlin Hospital. The general response from the receptionists’ at both hospitals were generally positive. They both were surprised that I was going out of my way to volunteer to help people.

I got my first e-mail response from non-profit organization Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southern Nevada. I was excited when I received the e-mail because I believe that this will be the first step to putting my vision into fruition.

From my experience of going to many places to spread the word about my brand. I’ve learned that I needed to be more clear and precise when I talk to people about what I’m trying to do as a motivational speaker. To catch people’s attention, I’m going to say “I’m focused on turning my tragedy into my testimony by speaking to teens and young adults from ages 15 to 25 years old with my story of being a two time cancer survivor.”

I believe God has put me in this position to tell my unique story and help teens and young adults. I know for sure that I can’t stop thinking about how I could make my website and PowerPoint’s better as each day passes.

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