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Moving Forward into 2016...

I met with a new teenage cancer patient on Dec. 28th, and while talking to him I found out he is really into video games. I told him that I wanted to donate a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with two games for each system. I also told him that I wanted to donate these electronics mainly for the teens so they could have something to do while in the hospital. I asked him which system he liked (PS4 or Xbox One) and to list three games he would want.

He told me the system he wanted was an Xbox One and the three games he chose were Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront and Madden 16. I told him the hospital won’t allow me to donate a “M” Mature rated game.

While talking to the patient, I told him that I was a two-time cancer survivor and I did my chemotherapy treatment therapy at Loma Linda Hospital. While speaking to him, I found out we had something in common. For instance, we both had cancer twice (He is currently going through it a second time) and we are into the same type of action-adventure video games.

I was eventually able to show him my PowerPoint Presentation and the inFAMOUS 2 montage I created with Nas’ Stillmatic (The Intro) playing in the background. He liked them both and suggested that I should put my montage on YouTube.

We shared our experiences about the first time we beat cancer and returned back to school. We both expressed that our peers thought we had died because we were no longer attending school like we used to. We also talked about when we told people we were cancer survivors, and they couldn’t believe we defeated it and was able to talk about it.

This was my first time meeting this particular teen cancer patient, and I felt that he was in good spirits and I got good positive vibes from him. I’ve noticed a pattern when I speak to the teen cancer patients about my story and show them my PowerPoint Presentation. They all expressed that when they get better, they want to become a volunteer at Loma Linda Hospital.

I also talked to the Child Life Specialist and he really liked my idea of donating video games specifically for the teen cancer patients. He expressed an idea of having the video game systems on a cart and wheeling it into the teens room so they could play the games they want. The specialist said that this will make the teens feel good because this will be something specifically for them.

After my last visit to the hospital, I began thinking about donating a little bit more. I still want to donate the PS4 and Xbox One and two games for each system, but I also want to donate a PlayStation 3 and three games: The inFAMOUS Collection, Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal.

* Here is my list of things to buy for the hospital if everything goes as planned:

PlayStation 4 with two games

Xbox One with two games

PlayStation 3 with three games: inFAMOUS Collection, Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal.

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