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Network After Work: Going to Hollywood: Part 2

I was invited to a networking event called Network After Work in Hollywood, CA on July 21st. I attended and it was similar to the last Network After Work event I went to last month in Downtown Los Angeles.

There wasn’t that many people who attended the Hollywood event compared to the Downtown LA event. I didn’t connect with a lot of people, but the connections I did make were great ones.

Everybody I came in contact with at the event was nice, and congratulated me on being a cancer survivor. When I told them I was an inspirational speaker, some of them told me about a friend or family member who had cancer, and explained how they dealt with it. I also met a woman who was in a terrible car accident and had to learn how to walk again; similar to me when I had to learn how to walk with a prosthetic leg.

When I first arrived at the event and waiting in line. I began talking to the guy next to me and we started sharing why we were at Network After Work. When I told him I was an inspirational speaker, two-time cancer survivor and have a prosthetic leg. He couldn’t believe it and took a step back and said he couldn’t tell I had a prosthetic leg.

I met a woman who resides in the Inland Empire (which is where I live, and is about two hours away from Hollywood). I told her about my story and my mission statement which is to inspire teenagers and young adults with my story of being a two-time cancer survivor.

I told her I was interested in speaking at high schools and colleges because that is my core audience. She expressed to me that she has connections with multiple school districts in the Inland Empire and wanted to help me. This connection in my opinion, could defiantly be the difference maker in getting my foot in the door and being able to speak at educational institutions.

I also met a guy who specializes in video production, and I need somebody to videotape me while I speak. He gave me great information about what the company he works for does, as far as video production. I told him I was an inspirational speaker and asked was the company willing to travel, and he said yes. I have his business card and will defiantly be in touch.

I met another guy and from talking to him he specializes in financial advising. When I told him about my story and what I’m trying to do. He offered to help with how to manage my money. He was so impressed with what I told him that he offered to take me out to breakfast, lunch or dinner when I make an appointment with him. I will also be in touch with him in the future.

At the end of our conversation, he asked me where I was from and I said Victorville. He knew that Victorville was about two hours away from Hollywood, and told me he liked my dedication of marketing and putting my vison out to the world.

One of the last people I meet before I left the event used to be a marine. When I told him my story and everything that I’ve been through. He told me being a two-time cancer survivor was harder than what he had to do as a marine.

Overall, I made great connections with the people I met and everybody was nice and open-minded.

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