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New Prosthetic Leg Coming Sooner Than Expected

On Oct. 23rd, I got a call from Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics and they asked if I could come into the office because my prosthetic leg was back after being shipped to be laminated. My Doctor wanted to make a few more adjustments while I was walking in my new leg.

While I was putting my prosthetic leg on, my Doctor said the laminating part of the socket (the top part of the prosthetic) was too stiff and it needs to be shipped back, so it could be loose and more comfortable while I’m in it. I don’t have my sleeve for my prosthetic yet, but by my next appointment, there is a chance I may be able to walk out the office with my new leg completely finished.

The foot that is going to be attached to my leg looks like the foot that is attached to athletic prosthetic legs, like the ones that people use in the Olympics. My Doctor said along with getting a top of the line prosthetic leg, I’m also getting a top of the line prosthetic foot.

Even though my prosthetic leg was stiff, my Doctor said I’m walking good in it. He also expressed that I’m a fast learner and able to adapt to my new prosthetic, because this new prosthetic is different from my old prosthetic.

My next appointment is Oct. 30th, and I’m hoping to walk out the office with my new and improved prosthetic leg

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