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Nothing is Going Unnoticed

My Aunt from Australia came to America for business purposes, and last weekend she visited myself and my family before flying back to Australia. When I talked to her, she told me she has been reading my blogs, and enjoyed them. She also said I’m an inspiration to her and others.

She told her son (my cousin, who is now 17 years old and a junior in high school) about my website. When I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 14 and 17 years old, he was young and didn’t understand the details of what happened to me during my teen years.

My Aunt said my cousin briefly browsed through my website, and for the first time read everything I’ve been through. My Aunt explained my cousin is not really a reader, but he is interested in reading and learning more about my story.

My cousin is now playing on his high school basketball team, and this July, his team from Australia will participate in basketball tournaments in Las Vegas, NV.

It felt great to know through Facebook, my family all the way from Australia has been checking out my website, reading my blogs and has seen the progress I’ve made throughout the years.

After talking to my Aunt, it reassured me that the work I’ve been putting in during the last few years have not gotten unnoticed. My Aunt said my cousin was moved by the content I have on my website and wants to talk to me about my journey of being a two-time cancer survivor and hip amputee.

To check out how I defeated cancer when I was 14 and 17 years old, click here:

The last few weeks have been difficult for me to stay positive because I’ve been feeling like everything I was doing was becoming a routine with no new changes. On the other hand, my intuition tells me something good is going to come my way, and I thank God for helping me be patient and I welcome any future blessings that comes my way.

* On Monday, June 5th, I volunteered at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, and when I first walked into the playroom, I came across the teacher. She asked what I’ve been up to and I told her I’ve done a few speeches and social media marketing myself online. She said to not stop, because something will happen for me soon.

* Even though it was a slow day with only two patients who came in the playroom, it was still a good day. It was a good day because one patient finished all his chemotherapy treatment and was excited to finally be done. I remember the day I finished all my chemotherapy treatment, and it was a long time coming, but I was glad I finally be finished.

* The Child Life Specialist explained that he wants to introduce me to a patient who is close to graduating from high school, but is not sure of what to do next. The specialist told the patient that I’m a teen cancer survivor and graduated from college. The patient is almost done with chemotherapy, but I’m hoping we could meet so I could tell the patient my journey and how I was able to graduate from college.

* I also had my latest speech “The Connection” about my journey of being a two-time cancer survivor and hip amputee on a flash drive to make it easier for the Child Life Assistant to put it on the hospital computer. We didn’t have enough time to put my speech on the computer, so I left my flash drive so they could have my speech. I’m going to volunteer again on Friday, June 9th.

* To check out my latest speech, “The Connection,” click here:

* Be sure to lookout for my next speech about a new show on Investigation Discovery called “Hear No Evil” when I post it online this Friday!

*On Monday, June 5th, I received an e-mail from Blackbox Connect 19, and they reached out to me because I applied before in the past. Blackbox Connect helps startup founders from across the globe hone their craft. I’m applying again to receive a spot and hoping I could go further than I have in the past. I appreciate that Blackbox Connect reached out to me again. The program will take place August 14th-25th, and I will have updates once I receive an e-mail from Blackbox 19.

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