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Prelude: Investigation Discovery: Whispers from the Dead

I offered to perform another speech next Wednesday, June 7th, if nobody from the Toastmasters at CSUSB club wants to do a speech. During the last couple days, it was hard for me to pick a topic that fits with the objective, “Resources from Entertainment.”

I was going to do my speech about the love aspect from the video game “Shadow of the Colossus,” because the main protagonist, Wander was willing to do anything to bring his female companion back to life. I wanted to explain his state of mind of why he was willing to put his life in danger to bring his love back to life.

After speaking to a friend, she suggested I should do a speech about a show from Investigation Discovery because she said I’m a great storyteller when I tell her about specific shows I watch on the channel.

I decided to do my speech about a new show from Investigation Discovery called, “Hear No Evil,” which is about homicides being caught on audio tape. The episode is entitled, “Whispers from the Dead,” and is about two teenage cousins named Nick and Halie who break into a house on Thanksgiving in Little Falls, MN in 2012 and they were shot in cold blood.

An older gentleman named Byron Smith lives at a residence by himself, and his house got broken into before and he became paranoid. The previous robbers stole cash, gold coins and guns from the residence. Mr. Smith looked at his house as his castle, and said nobody should trespass on his property.

Mr. Smith retired from working for the federal government and was an expert with video surveillance and audio tape. The paranoia Mr. Smith had forced him the put video and audio surveillance around his house so he could claim self-defense if anything happens.

On Thanksgiving 2012, Mr. Smith decided to park his car around the corner and he walked to his house to make it look like his house wasn’t occupied. He went down to his basement and waited with his gun locked, loaded and ready to kill any intruders.

Nick first broke into the Mr. Smith’s house, and when he found the basement and walked down the stairs, Mr. Smith shot and killed him. Halie also broke into the house looking for her cousin, without any intention of stealing anything. When she walked down the basement stairs, she was shot also.

They both died, and it was all caught on audio tape because of Mr. Smith’s audio surveillance. On the tape, you could hear the grunts, cries and pain from the teenagers. You can also hear Halie telling Mr. Smith that she is sorry before he took her life. One investigator said this was the first time in his career where he heard a homicide in progress caught on audio tape.

Mr. Smith was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

This speech will be different compared to my other speeches, but I will be able to showcase my storytelling skills. After I seen this episode, I was thinking about how these two teenagers were wrong to break into somebody’s house, but were also at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and unfortunately lost their lives.

Hopefully, my next speech will be next Wednesday, June 7th, and I was going back-and-forth about recording it because the topic is a departure from my personal story that I want to share with the world. I decided I’m going to record it because it will show my versatility as a public speaker.

Be on the lookout for my next speech when I post it next Friday!


I don’t own any content and images from Investigation Discovery: Hear No Evil.

No Copyright Intended. All image content is copyright to their respective owners. All rights go to Investigation Discovery.

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