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Prosthetic Leg: Almost at the Home Stretch

On Sept. 29th, I had a follow-up appointment with Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics about my new prosthetic leg. When my Doctor brought out my leg so I could put it on, he told me the Bluetooth that is used within the knee is used to communicate with the computer for configurations.

My Doctor also told me that Hanger is working on an app that is soon to be released to the app store. When I download the app to my phone, I will be able to communicate with my prosthetic leg. There will be different modes that will allow me to communicate to my leg from my phone. For example, while I’m standing, I could put my leg in a mode so it won’t buckle, or when I’m walking for a long time, the leg will notice that and make it easier for me to walk.

The Bluetooth technology within my leg is the brain of my whole prosthetic, and my Doctor suggested I treat my prosthetic like my cell phone and charge it every day. The prosthetic will last up to three days on a full charge, and when the leg is completely dead, it will turn into my current prosthetic that I have and will be in safe mode.

I also found out to activate the Bluetooth, I must pick up my prosthetic leg and turn it upside down to turn it on.

I walked about 15-steps with my new prosthetic leg, and it still needs a few adjustments like extending the leg because it was too short. According to my Doctor, I was leaning on my left leg too much because of the unevenness of my prosthetic, and he said my leg needs to be even when I walk. Also, I’m getting a new prosthetic foot, which is supposed to be more responsive when I walk.

When I sat down in my leg, my Doctor asked how did the socket feel, and I said it felt good, a little more comfortable than my current prosthetic leg. I also said with my new prosthetic leg, I don’t feel like I’m going to get sore after being in it for a long time. I said when I’m in my current prosthetic leg for a long time, I start bleeding and get blisters.

My Doctor said I’m not supposed to be bleeding because of my prosthetic, and it’s a socket adjustment that can be fixed. I’ve been a hip amputee for 14 years, and I thought me bleeding while I’m in my prosthetic leg just came with the territory and something I had to deal with. I remember in the past, when I start bleeding, I would have to force myself to not put my prosthetic on for about two-to-three days so I could heal. My Doctor explained bleeding should never happen, and to call him immediately if it happens with my new prosthetic.

It was good to find out that the bleeding I’ve been dealing with over the years shouldn’t have been happening. It took a while to get this information, but better late than never.

Before leaving my appointment, my Doctor said we are at the home stretch, and I’m getting a Ferrari of prosthetic legs.

My next appointment is Oct. 6th.

To find out more about my experiences and realities of becoming a hip amputee, click here:

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