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Seeking Other Opportunities

My plan was to visit the Toastmasters Club at California State University, San Bernardino, but they were not available. They are active when each semester starts because it is student ran. I’m waiting until they become available again and I’m looking to go visit.

Since Toastmasters at CSUSB was not available, I was looking for other clubs around the area to visit. I found a club in Colton, CA, and it happened to be a recovery center. I got to see the foundation of how Toastmasters works and operates. It was an interesting experience. I went as a guest and was very observant of the many speakers who took the podium.

From this particular visit, I learned different techniques of how to catch the audience’s attention. I’m more of a laid-back type of person and the only problem I’m worried about is sounding monotone. I know I have an interesting topic and story to talk about, but in order for my speech to be successful. I have to be able to speak well and capture the audience, which I know I could accomplish with some practice.

I went to Loma Linda Hospital (Loma Linda, CA) to seek an opportunity to talk to kids and teens who have the same cancer I did. When I got there, I talked to the receptionist and told her I was a two time cancer survivor, and did chemotherapy treatment on this floor when I was 14 and 17 years old. I also told her that I was an inspirational speaker, and looking to inspire the young cancer patients with my story.

She said it was nice that I want to volunteer because there are a lot of young cancer patients with Osteosarcoma. What took me by surprise was when she knew what kind of cancer I had by the way I walked with my prosthetic leg. She said, “You’re were an Osteo patient ha, I could tell by the way you walk.” She told me in order to speak to the kids and teens, I had to fill out an application to become a volunteer. I left a few of my business cards with her and went to the volunteer office and filled out an application.

I remember arriving at the hospital and realized that somethings never change. For instance, I had to park across the street and walk to the hospital. The parking near the hospital was full and the last time I did chemotherapy treatment was in 2003, and it’s still the same. There are still many kids and teens sick from a disease they can't control.

I don’t have a cure for cancer, but I know how it treats the human body. I want to share my experience and what helped me overcome my adversities of being a two time cancer survivor.

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