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Slow Grind to the Top

This week I was focused on working on the back office of what I’m trying to accomplish with my brand CalmandStrong. I’ve been concentrating on making everything that I have better. For instance, I’ve been working on my PowerPoint’s, and making them relatable so I could easily connect to my audience.

I’ve also been working on how I’m going to prepare my motivational speeches. I’ve done a lot of proofreading, and making sure I use specific words to keep the attention of my audience. I’m confident that when I talk about my story, I will draw the audience in and have them wanting more of what I have to offer. I believe I could keep the audience interested in my history of being a two time cancer survivor.

Overall, it’s been a slow week as far as getting more people to know about what I’m doing as a motivational speaker. I realize that anything that is worth having is going to take time and patience, and I’m willing to wait for the big pay off at the end.

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