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Socket for Prosthetic Finished

On Aug. 30th, I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment with Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, and the socket part for my prosthetic leg is officially finished and I got to sit in it for the first time.

I sat in the socket with the straps, and it felt more comfortable compared to my current prosthetic leg. While I was sitting in it, my Doctor had his marker and made more adjustments so the socket could fit me perfectly. The only downside about the socket is that it is hard plastic, which means it’s still going to be uncomfortable for the most part, and I’m going to continue to always be sore when I have my prosthetic leg on. Unfortunately, this is a sacrifice that I must deal with.

After my Doctor made his markings on my socket, he told me to take it off and he took it to the back room and used a power saw to finish making the correct measurements. After doing this action a few times, my Doctor explained that the socket was still lose on me and needed to be snugger.

Compared to my current prosthetic, I felt more secure while sitting in the new socket, which is a good sign because the worst thing that could happen is to have my prosthetic malfunction while in public. For instance, I’ve been out in public before and one or both of my straps that help keep my leg secure on my body have broken. Without secure straps, it’s overly difficult for me to walk.

According to my Doctor, the socket I’m going to be sitting in is going to be different compared to my current socket. He said the quality of the new socket is better, and it won’t be as hot. My next appointment will be another socket fitting to make sure everything fits perfectly.

The limb part that attaches to the socket wasn’t in the office, but by my next appointment, I may be able to see it. My Doctor said he knew the socket part for my new prosthetic leg was going to take some time because the process is time consuming. Sometime this month, there is a good chance I may be able to walk in my new prosthetic leg in the office.

My Doctor also told me he was going to take his time while crafting my new prosthetic leg, and I appreciate that because when there is a malfunction with my prosthetic leg while in public, it feels like I’m struggling trying to swim to the surface.

This appointment was great overall, and made progress within the hour and 10 minutes I was there, and my next appointment is Sept. 12th.

My Doctor also told me, “You’re getting a pretty damn good leg.”

* On Aug. 30th, I was the Table Topics Master for Toastmasters at CSUSB, and the topic I chose was for volunteers to talk about their accomplishments during the month of August, and how will this accomplishment help towards their end goal. I gave an example saying during the month of August, I wrote over 100 blogs and today, Friday, Sept. 1st is my 105th blog post, and my end goal is to be a respected inspirational speaker and author.

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Prosthetic & Orthotic Care - St. Louis & Fairview Heights. Hemipelvectomy and Hip Disarticulation - P&O. Aug. 31st, 2017.

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