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Startup Grind + IBM + CalmandStrong Connection

On March 7th, I received an e-mail from Startup Grind (The largest independent startup community). They reached out and encouraged me to apply for an exciting program based in Silicon Valley – Blackbox Connect: Female Founders Edition, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

I applied to attend and on March 22nd, I received a follow-up e-mail from Startup Grind and they thanked me for my interest in the IBM Global Entrepreneur program.

Startup Grind introduced me to IBM’s Community Development Manager, and they insisted that I reach out to the IBM Community Development Manager because he could tell me about the benefits and elements that the program offers.

• Bluemix Credit: My startup (CalmandStrong) can apply for a 1k/month credit on the IBM Bluemix platform for 12 months. The credit can also be reviewed and increased to 10k/month on a case to case basis. • Startup Mentorship: IBM’s Community Development Manager has experience and is available to talk fundraising, business management, marketing and all strategic things. • Technical Mentorship: IBM has colleagues all over that are available to talk theory about all things Bluemix. Startup Grind also suggested that I let the IBM Community Development Manager know where I’m from and he’ll make an intro to the local technical mentor.

I e-mailed the IBM Community Development Manager and booked a Skype interview with him for next week to get more information about what Bluemix Credit, Startup Mentorship and Technical Mentorship is all about. I’m interested to know how IBM could help “CalmandStrong” get out to the world.

My Skype interview is going to be on March 28th, and I’m excited about the next step in my journey.

* When I first got connected with Startup Grind in late 2016, they introduced me to IBM and I was supposed to get 120k IBM Cloud Credit, but nothing happened. I’m happy and blessed that God brought Startup Grind back into my life, and I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity.

* On March 20th, I volunteered at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital and this was the first time I volunteered in months. I made 10 DVD’s with two of my latest speeches and a PowerPoint slideshow displaying images from when I was diagnosed with cancer at 14 and 17 years old.

* Check out the speeches and slideshow video here:

* I wanted to create DVD’s to show the children and teenager cancer patients that I’m an example of an adolescent cancer survivor. I hope to speak about my experiences and realities with cancer and encourage others to find their inner-strength to move forward with their lives.

* The DVD’s unfortunately didn’t work in the DVD players that were available in the hospital, but I’m going to volunteer again on March 31st. I’m going to have my speeches and slideshow video on a flash drive so the Child Life Specialist could put them on a computer for easy access.

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