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Taking Advantage of Opportunities

On May 23rd, I volunteered at Loma Linda Hospital and talked to the teacher for the children’s unit. She told me she seen my website and PowerPoint and was impressed with what she saw. School is going to end soon and she asked if I’d like to speak to the students on June 3rd.

She liked my PowerPoint, but wanted me to make a slight modification before I present it to the students. There is a slide where I introduce inFAMOUS and Cole’s MacGrath’s origin story to the audience. She asked if I could take out the part when I talk about Cole, who was an ordinary bike messenger, but gains electrical superpowers when a package he delivers explodes.

In San Bernardino, CA, there was a shooting attack in Dec. 2015 that affected a lot of people who live in the Inland Empire. She said talking about an explosion may stir up memories of that tragic situation (San Bernardino and Loma Linda are only 7 miles apart from each other). Connecting what happened to Cole in inFAMOUS never crossed my mind to what happened in San Bernardino. I’m glad she brought it to my attention and I have no problem taking that part out of my presentation.

The teacher wants me to bring my computer so my PowerPoint could be seen on a projector, and bring a flash drive with my PowerPoint on it just in case my computer doesn’t work. If I can’t use my PowerPoint, I could do my speech without it. One idea the teacher came up with was to do a questions and answers with the students, so they could ask me anything about my experience with cancer.

Before parting ways, the teacher said telling my story with the PowerPoint will show the students the adversities that I’ve been through, my accomplishments and show how creative I am. I thanked the teacher for the opportunity, and I’m looking forward to speak to the students.

* I spoke with a connection from the Network After Work event that I attended on May 24th. She helps people tell their story, and specializes in books. She gave me great advice about what it takes to write a book and publish it.

* She said I should start writing down my story on paper, because when I give it to an editor, I have to grab their attention within the first 10 pages. She also told me to look up books and see different writing styles from authors. I briefly thought about writing a book in the past, but for now I’m focused on becoming the best Inspirational Speaker I could be. The advice she gave me was great, because now I have knowledge about what to do when it comes time for me to write a book.

* While checking out my website, she said she liked that I was using the superhero element from inFAMOUS and comparing main character Cole MacGrath to my personal story.

* She asked me how was I able to pull through this difficult ordeal. I told her my faith in God, family, friends and I find inspiration from the things I like, which is why I’m talking about inFAMOUS and Cole within my personal story. I also said I have another PowerPoint which has music that I was listening to while I was in the hospital and after I became a hip amputee.

* Before ending out conversation, I told her I finished my sixth speech for Toastmasters and said I feel like I have a special story to tell. She said I was brave and courageous for becoming a public speaker. She also said I was articulate, poised and confident just from speaking to me over the phone. Speaking with her gave me confirmation that I’m on the right path, and to keep moving forward with my vison.

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