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The Journey Begins...

On Oct. 6th, I had a follow-up appointment with Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, and I made great progress! I walked in my new prosthetic leg for a great amount of time and it felt good. While walking, my Doctor made some adjustments to the knee, foot and socket so I could have a more comfortable experience with my new prosthetic leg.

My Doctor said we are making great progress and everything looks good. Before my prosthetic is finished, he must send it in for some finishing touches like laminating, which could take up to two-to-three weeks. Getting a new prosthetic leg is a process, but when I get my prosthetic leg back after two-to-three weeks, my Doctor must make final adjustments and calibrations.

I’m excited to see what my new prosthetic leg going to look like when all the adjustments, calibrations and sleeve is finished. Before my appointment ended, My Doctor videotaped me walking in my new prosthetic leg with my phone.

To check out me walking with my new prosthetic leg, click here:

* On Wednesday, Oct. 11th, I’ll be completing my 10th advanced manuals (20th overall) speech for Toastmasters at CSUSB. My speech is going to be entitled, “Retrospective,” which is going to be a look back at my struggles and accomplishments about my company “CalmandStrong.”

* I’m going to post my speech online on Friday, Oct. 13th, and for this achievement, I’ll be receiving a certificate from Toastmasters International.

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