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The Return of Startup Grind

On March 7th, I received an e-mail from a woman who works for Startup Grind (A company partnered with Google for Entrepreneurs). In Sept. 2016, she interviewed me before I got invited to attend the Startup Grind SoCal Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

My company “CalmandStrong” was selected as one of the best companies to showcase at the conference. Check out my Blog about my experience at the Startup Grind So Cal Conference, here:

Fast-forward to March 7th, she reached out and encouraged me to apply for an exciting upcoming program based in Silicon Valley – Blackbox Connect: Female Founders Edition, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. Blackbox focuses on helping purpose driven entrepreneurs and founders of born global startups learn, collaborate and grow toward their full potential. They provide access to resources, mentorship and effective programs. Check out the Blackbox website here:

She expressed that I’m an ideal candidate and wanted to share this opportunity, and she nominated me for selection. Blockbox Connect is a two-week immersive experience in San Francisco, CA from May 16-25th and all costs including travel, tuition, room and board will be covered by Google for Entrepreneurs. Startup founders from around the world will come together to help elevate their potential and scale globally.

The Blackbox team builds a foundation of trust that will allow me to focus more on the challenges of my vision. My peers within the program are global entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and sectors, which will provide fresh perspectives that will open new possibilities for growth, both personally and professionally.

This is what I accomplished within the last three months:

  • I completed my fourth advanced manuals speech for Toastmasters at CSUSB.

  • I got acknowledgments from SRL Networks (An artist relations company located in London).

  • I created an official YouTube channel for CalmandStrong that showcases my public speaking.

  • I finished writing my book about my life of being a two-time cancer survivor.

Check out my Official YouTube Channel here:

Check out a sample of my book here:

The deadline to apply for this program was March 8th, and I applied March 7th. The application process consists of two rounds of video interviews to assess the customer/user feedback on the product, future and current challenges. Blackbox will select 12 to 18 startups with one to two key founders and no more than two companies from one country.

I realized this opportunity is much more difficult to achieve, compared to the first Startup Grind opportunity I went to in the fall of 2016 in Los Angeles. Even though Blackbox has a much more strenuous interview process, I believe my story is different and unique enough to secure one of the 12 to 18 startup spots available.

I’m thankful the Startup Grind interviewer reached out, remembered my story and felt I’d be an ideal candidate to attend this program. I responded to her e-mail explaining that I applied to attend the event and thanked her and Startup Grind for this opportunity.

I thank God for not forgetting about me, and brining Startup Grind back into my life for another opportunity to get “CalmandStrong” out to the world.

* On March 8th, as the interim President for Toastmasters at CSUSB. I felt I had control of the meeting, but could have done better. Next week, I know I will do a better job for our last meeting of the quarter at CSUSB.

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