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Thriving and Becoming an Entrepreneur

A few months ago, I reached out to the Unified School Districts in the Inland Empire, located in Southern California. This week I decided to be more aggressive in my approach and contacted the school districts again because the high schools are back in session.

When I reached out to the school districts a few months ago, I only got one response, which was from the Hesperia Unified School District. When they responded, they said thanks for contacting them and they were going to forward my information to the right people and they would be in contact with me.

I haven’t heard anything from the Hesperia Unified School District or from the other school districts that I reached out to. I re-sent e-mails to the same school districts that I reached out to a few months ago, but with the intentions of getting a positive response because schools are now back in session.

On Twitter, I gained a new follower from a company called “Startup Grind.” I decided to check out their website, and the company is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, and they educate, inspire and connect 400,000 founders in over 200 cities.

Their goal is to help entrepreneurs build great companies, and their values include:

We believe in making friends, not contacts

We believe in giving, not taking

We believe in helping others before helping yourself

Check out their website:

I’m appreciative that Startup Grind found me on Twitter, and I applied for their startup Exhibition Application, which will help me network with many new people, companies and help get my message out to the world.

I also applied for Cancer Con 2017, and I heard about them from when I reached out to an organization called “Stupid Cancer” a few weeks ago. Cancer Con 2017 gives a platform for young adult cancer survivors like myself to express themselves and share their experience with having cancer.

During the application, they asked if I was going to use a PowerPoint Presentation and I felt that this could be the perfect platform for me because it’s my chance to present my story the way I’ve always envisioned.

They also asked what was my purpose for presenting and what did I want the audience to receive. I stated that I’m coming from a place of experience from when I was diagnosed with cancer at 14 and 17 years old. I’m also looking to share my pain, struggle and accomplishments along with the adversities that I was forced to overcome.

I also said that I will be sharing how the inFAMOUS video game franchise and superhero main character Cole MacGrath helped me overcome my many insecurities when I became a hip amputee.

I explained that I feel my story is a superhero story because of the adversities that I was forced to overcome, and it made since for me to compare what I’ve been through to the adversities that my favorite superhero went through: Cole MacGrath.

There were many people who applied for Cancer Con 2017, and I hope that they give me a serious look, check out my website and give me the chance to help people with my story superhero story.

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