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Traveling around Las Vegas

I went to many non-profit organizations this week to spread the word locally about my brand CalmandStrong. I told them that my goal was to inspire teens and young adults from ages 13 to 25 years old with my story of being a two time cancer survivor.

I left business cards with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada, Candle Lighters, Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center, and the Boys and Girls Club of Henderson. I wasn’t able to completely explain to them my vision of merging my motivational speaking with a PowerPoint presentation, and how the inFAMOUS video game inspired me.

I understand that it takes time for applications to get processed, but I’m looking forward to hearing from these non-profit organizations because I’m ready to tell my story. My next move is to go to the many hospitals in the Las Vegas area, and spread the word about my unique vision as a motivational speaker.

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