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Update: SRL Networks: Part 2

On Jan. 20th, I got an e-mail stating that SRL Networks received my audition ticket. They also said I will hear from the review team soon while fans continue to vote for seven days.

I haven’t received anything yet as of today, Jan. 27th, but I’m feeling more devoted to my goal of getting my story out to the world and helping people in the process. I also feel hopeful and optimistic about all the efforts I’ve made so far.

I know I must stay on a positive frequency, because optimism sets me on a path towards the successful completion of my end goal: helping others by talking about my experience of being a two-time cancer survivor and hip amputee.

I chose to create a logo with doves flying around the world because the doves symbolize God’s angels protecting and healing people around the world.

For example, within my PowerPoint Presentation. I have doves on every slide where I express what I’ve been through and how I was feeling while in the process of defeating cancer. The doves represent God’s angels who were protecting and healing me from cancer when I was a teenager.

Check out my CalmandStrong PowerPoint Presentations on my Official YouTube Channel here:

When I perform my speeches to a wide audience and people see my PowerPoint Presentation. I want the doves to represent God’s angels protecting and healing everybody around the world who are currently sick in the hospital or has ever been sick with a serious illness.

I realize if I chase away negative thoughts and nurture my positive thoughts and dreams. I will achieve whatever I set out to do.

- Darryl C. Richie (CalmandStrong) Inspirational Speaker and Two-Time Cancer Survivor.


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