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Volunteering at Loma Linda Children's Hospital

On March 31st, I volunteered at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital and it was a chill day with only a handful of children cancer patients who entered the playroom. Along with another volunteer, we went to each room and asked if the patients wanted anything from the playroom, and they asked for board games and to color.

I volunteered last Monday, March 20th, and made 10 DVD’s with some of my speeches and PowerPoint Presentations. Unfortunately, the DVD’s didn’t work in the DVD players that were on the floor where I volunteer.

Since the DVD’s didn’t work, the Child Life Assistant said it may be easier if I could put the videos on a flash drive, so they could always have them on their computer. That was the obvious perfect solution to this problem, and I’m glad she put that idea in my head.

During this week, I was making sure I had everything I wanted to put on my flash drive. For instance, I put two of my best speeches, and two different PowerPoint Presentations about my experience of being a two-time cancer survivor.

I also thought about the teenager cancer patients who may like to read, and I decided to write a biography about my life before and after my experience with cancer, my letter to Sucker Punch Productions (which is about my connection with the inFAMOUS videogame franchise and superhero Cole MacGrath) and the struggle I had to go through when I was forced to become a hip amputee at 17 years old.

I wanted to give the patients options, and I feel like I have a better chance connecting with the patients if I share three different mediums about my story (inspirational speeches, PowerPoint Presentations and writings about my experience with cancer).

During my volunteer shift, I met a new cancer patient who was a teenager, and I feel I could help answer some questions she may not have asked yet by just sharing my story.

I put everything that was on my flash drive on the hospital computer, well everything except the biography that I wrote. My biography wouldn’t open on their computer, which was disappointing, because I believe I wrote a great overview of what I’ve been through a teenager cancer patient.

I put two out of the three word documents on the hospital computer, and I feel having something that could potentially help somebody is better than having nothing at all. Altogether, I put four videos and two word documents on the hospital computer.

The Child Life Specialist and Assistant weren't at the hospital today, but the assistant replacement said she would tell them about what I put on the hospital computer.

* To check out my Biography, Letter to Sucker Punch, my experience when I became a hip amputee, my inspirational speeches and PowerPoint videos. Click the links below:

• Letter to Sucker Punch: • Becoming a Hip Amputee: • Speeches and PowerPoint Videos:

* I also wrote a book about my life about being a two-time cancer survivor. Check out a sample of my book here:

* I haven’t heard anything from Startup Grind-IBM yet, but I’m letting God work in my favor while I wait patiently.

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