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Mission Statement 

I'm looking to inspire teenagers and young adults with my story of being a two-time cancer survivor, and help the African Diaspora connect with their African roots via Black Consciousness. 


“For nothing seems clearer from ancient records than that the whole ancient world knew of nothing more ancient than the Black man’s civilization.”


– Dr. Chancellor Williams

Darryl C. Richie

The Black Consciousness Movement: Words of Wisdom from the Master Teachers from Heaven 

“The great powers of the world may have done wonders in giving the world an industrial look, but the great gift still has to come from Africa―giving the world a more human face.” – Selfless Revolutionary Steve Biko, author of I Write What I Like, and founder of the Black Consciousness Movement (South Africa)


A servant leader is a model of civic engagement that seeks to inspire change through personal examples of sacrifice. The servant leader achieves goals of change by transforming how oppressed people perceive themselves, awakening the sense that by and through their own energies and actions they have the capacity to both resist oppression and achieve meaningful results.  


“It’s not about me, it’s about the mission and the little people.” – African American Servant Leader and Civil Rights Activist Medgar Evers (United States of America)

The Philosopher Poet

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“Poems don’t have to rhyme. Poems are about beauty and emotion; in other words, poems are about feelings.” – Revolutionary Poet Nikki Giovanni (United States of America)


A poetic writer employs poetic devices to explore subjects common to the field of philosophy. Poetry is about imagery, passion, expression, sentiment, etc. Philosophy is about reason, logic, argument, and solutions to problems.


Philosophical poets, like mystics, anchor themselves, through an ideal, to the intelligible form of the object by juxtaposing its symbols and qualities. They rely on intuition and the intersubjectivity of their senses to depict reality. Their writings address truth through figurative language (i.e., metaphor) in questions related to the meaning of life, the nature of being (ontology), theories of knowledge and knowing (epistemology), principles of beauty (aesthetics), first principles of things (metaphysics) or the existence of God. 


“Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, or failures. Claim no easy victories…” - Intellectual Revolutionary & Humanist and “Africa’s Philosopher King” Amílcar Cabral (Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde)

inFAMOUS 2: Music Montage

CalmandStrong: Presentation Part 2

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Welcome to CalmandStrong

Darryl C. Richie is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Blogger, Philosopher Poet, Black Consciousness Writer and founder of CalmandStrong. I’m looking to inspire with my story of being a two-time cancer survivor. During my teen years, I had knee cancer twice called Osteosarcoma from 1999-2000 and 2002-2003. 


The inFAMOUS videogame franchise and superhero Cole MacGrath had a positive impact on my life. I’m looking forward to sharing how the game helped me overcome my many insecurities when I became a hip amputee.


Sometimes, superheroes don’t exist only in movies and video games. Sometimes, a Cole MacGrath is actually real and walking around. Learn about dealing with physical disabilities, overcoming adversities, and what life is like as a hip amputee & cancer survivor. Also learn the parables and comparisons between Darryl and Cole, who went through a similar fate of being hooked up to IV’s & overcoming hardships.


Audiences can expect to read and hear how I connect my experiences and realities of being a two-time cancer survivor to the digital world of the inFAMOUS videogame franchise and superhero Cole MacGrath.


You may think I'm a real-life superhero. But in reality, I'm just like you - someone who wanted to overcome their insecurities, anxieties, and conquer challenges.


My focus is to share my pain, struggle, and accomplishments with the world!

The Black Men Matter Series: The Male Perspective: 2024

From a Two-Time Cancer Survivor to African Diaspora Superhero Novelist: guest Darryl Richie

From a Two-Time Cancer Survivor to African Diaspora Superhero Novelist: guest Darryl Richie

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CalmandStrong: Retrospective Speech: 2017

CalmandStrong: The Connection Speech: 2017


inFAMOUS 2: UGC: Digital Inspiration from Cole MacGrath


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