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Startup Grind: Top 20 Companies Update

On Sept. 9th, I got an e-mail from Startup Grind stating that I was still in the running for the top 20 companies to enter their Startup Program. They also said that they were going to make a formal announcement on Sept. 10th and I should look out for a follow-up an e-mail.

I received another e-mail on Sept. 10th stating that there were so many fantastic companies and that the selection process was extremely difficult to narrow to 20 companies.

Having said that…

Unfortunately, they were unable to extend me an invitation to the top 20 companies for the SoCal Conference. Even though my company wasn’t picked, they acknowledged that I’m still a part of an elite group of companies that they ever had to choose from and it was difficult to narrow it down to 20.

They also said that I’m a part of the Startup Grind family and now and forever have a family of people who are and will be advocates for me and my entrepreneurial journey.

When I got the invitation e-mail for the running of being one of the top 20 companies, I was excited because Startup Grind believed that my company was a good enough candidate to be considered with other great startup companies.

When I received the follow-up e-mail stating that they were not able to extend an invitation. I was a little disappointed, but quickly realized that I know what I have is great, and Startup Grind recognized my greatness also because they invited me to their showcase in Los Angeles.

I decided to use this slight set back as motivation and make the best booth I could with the resources I have for the conference.

I appreciate Startup Grind for even acknowledging me and putting me in the running for the top 20 companies to be showcased at their SoCal conference. I’m also appreciative that since I was selected to showcase, I will forever be a part of the Startup Grind family.

I also feel with the help of Startup Grind; I will make life long connections that will be beneficial for my career as an inspirational speaker.

* On Sept. 16th, I had a doctor’s appointment and turns out that I’m 100% healthy. My blood work showed that I don’t have any cancerous cells present in my body, my good and bad cholesterol levels are where it’s supposed to be at and I don’t have signs of high blood pressure or diabetes.

* I’m also weigh 155 pounds with my prosthetic leg, and my prosthetic weighs about 15 pounds (my ideal weight for my height at 5’8” is from 145-157 pounds). The nurse asked if I work out, and I said I ride a stationary bike on average three times a week.

* The main reason why I went to the doctor was because it’s time for me to get a new prosthetic leg, and I wanted to see where I am health wise. I don’t eat healthy 24/7, but I’m working on being more health conscious about what I’m putting in my body. I was surprised by the results, but thankful God has blessed me with good health.

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