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The American Cancer Society: Relay for Life: 2017

Today on April 29th, I attended the Relay for Life event for the American Cancer Society, and it was located at Victor Valley College (Victorville, CA). Cancer survivors and caregivers were invited to join them for breakfast at 9 am, and I decided to go.

Breakfast was great, and was catered courtesy of Richie’s Diner. When I arrived, I checked in at the registration table, and I received a tote bag full of many different things like a t-shirt, a water bottle, pamphlets about life during and after cancer and how proud I should be for being a survivor.

There were lots of activities to do at the event from different games, music and a jumper for the kids.

Victorville celebrated its 19th Relay for Life today, and raised $30,000 this year. Relay for Life received multiple donations that ranged from $500 to $1,500 from sponsors. There were also 80 survivors who attended, which was more than last years’ event.

When it was time to do the Relay for Life walk, the announcer asked for people to come to the stage who were currently battling cancer or have been cancer free for one year. She also asked multiple groups of people how many years they have been cancer free and to come to the stage. At the end, one lady said she was 35 years’ cancer free, which was amazing to hear!

As of 2017, I am 14 years’ cancer free and constantly moving forward.

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