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Kemetic Diet: How to Become Ausar-Like

Updated: Jan 20

The myth of Ausar (i.e., Osiris) was the earliest recorded story of a godman who was symbolically crucified, resurrected from death and reigned eternally in heaven. The people of the Nile Valley (present-day East Africa) believed if they lived righteously, in harmony with the teachings of Ausar, they would inherit eternal life.

“The wickedness of the soul is ignorance; the virtue of the soul is knowledge.” – Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Proverb

Kemet is the ancient name for the land in Northeast Africa now called present-day Egypt. The inhabitants of Kemet were African peoples, not to be confused with the current Arab inhabitants who were the last group to conquer Egypt, the majority of whom follow the Islamic faith. In Kemet, the philosophy and disciplines of health were very important to the Kemites (i.e., ancient Egyptians), and second only to spirituality, because health issues were the primary concern of the ancient Kemites. Also, spiritual life was the main concern because there was a recognition that the universe is an expression of the Divine (i.e., God).

When this is understood, everything a person does and all of one’s actions are in and through the Divine, which manifests as cosmic forces sustaining creation and human life. There is a way to live in harmony with universal divine intelligence. This understanding is the basis of all true spiritual traditions. Health concerns were integral to the culture and spiritual life in ancient Kemet, so much so that many of the ancient Kemite temples had sanatoriums (i.e., hospitals) and pharmacies (i.e., areas for the preparation of herbs and natural medicaments). There were special rooms for the storage and preparation of offerings to the gods and goddesses, which needed to be fresh and wholesome since they were meant for the Divine Self. Human beings were believed to be an expression of the Divine, the consumption of food was also believed to be a divine endeavor, since this would lead to the possibility of maintaining good health and thus, attaining Divine Consciousness.

The Ancient Kemetic Culture is Embedded in Spirituality  

Cicero, a Roman statesman, said that in his experience, the easiest people to conquer were people without a culture. Today, everyone thinks of culture more in terms of race and ethnicity. However, culture has a more universal meaning, a spiritual meaning, because human beings are more than just their physical body. For example, according to Kemetic teachings, “Men and women are mortal Gods and Goddesses, and Gods and Goddesses are mortal human beings.” So, men and women are “Divine Beings” and the mortal human aspect is just one expression of Divinity. When referring to the Kemetic High Culture, culture viewed humanity in terms of spirituality. From this perspective of Kemetic High Culture, there is only one diet for the physical body, which is a vegetarian diet.

In the view of the Kemetic sages, the one and only purpose of life is to attain Enlightenment, then things will naturally start to make sense that one’s life should be tied to their divine purpose, even one’s diet for the physical body. This was expressed throughout Kemetic wisdom teachings, iconography, and mythology.

Ausar is one of the chief deities of the Kemetic pantheon, and he was known as the “Lord of the Perfect Black.” Ausar was based on an actual human figure, and he was also connected to natural principles, like fertility and agriculture, but his myth might have been based directly on an actual Black man who led his ancestors of the Kemites into Kemet, where they quickly developed a strong agricultural tradition.  

Since the purpose of life was to become Divine, becoming one with the Divine Self in the form of Ausar was seen as the goal of life in the Ausarian tradition in Kemet. Ausar was often depicted as green, so the spiritual meditation related to diet and eating vegetarian foods is that as one eats “green,” one becomes “Ausar-like,” which is a “Divine Being.” Becoming Ausar-like means becoming a spiritually Enlightened personality, and this was seen as the state of ultimate health. This concept of a green diet and its relationship to health and attaining unity with the divine is further explained in the following verse that was chanted in Kemet during ancient times by healers:

“Si i(e) mettu wadj” or “mettu swaj” for short.

It was understood that the process of bringing “green” into the physical body not only restores physical health, but also mental and spiritual health, because automatically the use of the word “swaj” meaning “greening” would render the effect of turning the mind to Ausar, the divine, the essence of all greenery in nature and the source of all healing.

In the Ausarian tradition, the sun is a symbol of the Divinity Ra, who is the father of Ausar, and is a representative of the Divine Self. The chlorophyll in green plants stores this divine (i.e., Ra light) energy, which is then transferred to the human body when they are consumed, leading to a union of the person eating the plant food with the Divine. The chemical energy in chlorophyll is used by human beings and animals to sustain themselves. In other words, human beings derive sustenance from the sun via plants. Wheatgrass is a source of chlorophyll, the most supporting green food phytochemical. Wheatgrass is also a potent source of antioxidants, alkaline, lightweight protein, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, trace minerals, friendly bacteria, and key enzymes. Wheatgrass causes a series of chemical reactions in the body that cleanse, detoxify, rebuild, and fortify at the cellular level. It helps boost the immune system, increase energy levels, combat fatigue, and most importantly adds alkalinity to today’s highly stressed, over-acidic body systems.  

Kirlian photography measures the electromatic radiation surrounding objects (i.e., a person’s aura) and there is a vibrant glow. However, when this same Kirlian is taken of a beef hamburger, the only thing that glows are the green vegetables on the burger, like the lettuce. One scientist found that when he measured the frequency of meat and that of cancer, they vibrated at the same (low) frequency, unlike the vibrant high energy frequency of green plant-based foods, especially in their raw unprocessed state. The scientist also demonstrated that a person becomes what they eat, so from this perspective, cancer can be described as the accumulation of “dead” meat and processed “dead” foods in the body.

“O people of the earth, men and women born and made of elements, but with the spirit of the divine within you, rise from your sleep of ignorance! Be sober and thoughtful. Realize that your home is not on the earth but in the light. Why have you delivered yourselves into death, having power to partake of immortality? Repent, and change your minds. Depart from the dark light and forsake corruption forever. Prepare to blend your souls with the eternal light.” – Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Proverb


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